Meet our inspiring alumni

These are just a few of our inspiring graduates.
Find out where the Bachelor of Biomedicine has taken them.

Meet Wendy

Growing up in rural China, Dr Wendy Huang had little exposure to preventive dentistry and had to travel for hours to see a dentist.

Studying the Bachelor of Biomedicine and then the Doctor of Dentistry at Melbourne she says, “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have studied at the top dental school in Australia.”

It was the beautiful environment, opportunities to meet global experts in her field and making life-long international friendships that inspired Wendy most as she prepared for her career as a dentist.

Wendy now works as a General Dentist in St Helens, Tasmania, after practising in various public and private clinics in Melbourne. She is passionate about community engagement and dental health promotion and has been involved in bringing dental care to her local aged care home and promoting dental health of children at schools in her community.

It has always been my dream to pursue dentistry in a developed country. Helping people is a very rewarding experience, their smiles and satisfaction always make me happy.
Dr Wendy Huang
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Genetics) → Doctor of Dentistry → General Dentist, St Helen's Dental, Tasmania

Meet Nick

Having completed a Bachelor of Biomedicine at Melbourne, including a research-based honours year, Dr Nicholas Gheradin went on to do his PhD in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Melbourne and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

During this time, Nick developed a real passion for biomedical research. He built on the solid foundational knowledge gained during his undergraduate studies in Biomedicine to attain a diverse skillset in translational immunology, cellular immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Nick later took a postdoctoral research position at Harvard Medical School in Boston and returned to Melbourne to the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. He currently runs his own research program within the Godfrey Lab where his work focuses on the biology of unconventional T cells including MR1-restricted MAIT cells, CD1-restricted T-cells and gamma-delta T-cells, exploring their antigen-recognition, effector function, and their roles in cancer.

Nick says it’s important to keep an open mind to subjects and career pathways you may not have previously considered.

I never anticipated going into research science, but my experience in the Bachelor of Biomedicine really opened my eyes to a career pathway that I previously knew very little about.
Dr Nicholas Gheradin
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Defence and Disease) → Honours (Microbiology and Immunology) → PhD at the Doherty Institute (Immunology) → Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Godfrey Laboratory, Doherty Institute

Meet Sakshi

Dr Sakshi Singh, a talented young doctor from Melbourne, is exploring her options.

Sakshi completed her Bachelor of Biomedicine degree at Melbourne followed by a Doctor of Medicine. Having always had an interest in mental health, she is now specialising in psychiatry through a Masters degree and has started her psychiatry training at Royal College. Dr Singh currently works as a psychiatry registrar.

Outside of her medical career, Sakshi has a love of the arts and cinema - and has worked on films in both Australia and India. In 2018, she was crowned The Raj Suri Miss India Australia winner. More recently her film Long Distance premiered in Australia at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).

Sakshi now plans to take a gap year to focus on her acting career but her ultimate goal is to raise mental health awareness through psychiatry as well as cinema.

Acting and performing have always been a passion, but I'm never going to give up my medical career.
Dr Sakshi Singh
Bachelor of Biomedicine  (Anatomy and Physiology) → Doctor of Medicine → Psychiatry Registrar, Royal Melbourne Hospital → Masters of Psychiatry

Meet Tal

After sampling several legal breadth subjects during his Bachelor of Biomedicine at Melbourne, Tal developed a passion for the law.

The intersection between science and the law had always intrigued Tal, and he found himself naturally attracted to Intellectual Property. He had the opportunity to complete a clerkship within the Intellectual Property team at Ashurst, a top tier international law firm. His knowledge about the immune system and its fight against pathogens, attained through his Biomedicine studies, became very valuable when he was tasked with filing and opposing pharmaceutical patents for the invention of novel drugs and technology.

Tal says it was particularly empowering to be one of the few in the large firm with specialist biomedical expertise that could be applied to the fascinating legal issues surrounding the protection of medical discoveries.

Biomedicine provided me with a firm foundation in biomedical sciences. It kept my mind open to the application of the sciences in the commercial and legal world – and instilled in me the skills and the self-discipline necessary to excel in law school and in my professional life.

Among other things, Tal has also worked as a paralegal within the banking, construction and criminal law practice areas at different law firms.

Tal has recently graduated from his Juris Doctor at Melbourne and has accepted an offer of as Graduate Lawyer at Ashurst.

“I look forward to applying my extensive biomedical knowledge in the commercial law field,” he says.

Tal Maman
Bachelor of Biomedicine  → Juris Doctor → Graduate Lawyer, Ashurst

Meet Can

Can’s strong interest in science comes from his family, being the son of a neurologist and psychiatrist he was exposed to the wonders of biology and physics from a young age.

As clinicians, Can’s parents knew of the University of Melbourne’s global reputation in medical research and practice. Together they travelled to Melbourne and toured the Parkville Campus - the University’s personalized service and vision for Biomedicine students immediately instilled a sense of trust and belonging. This was something that was very important to Can as an international student who relocated from Turkey to study at the University.

Being among hundreds of diligent and high achieving Biomedicine students was motivating. Everyone was passionate, including the lecturers - they ensured we grew to be the best possible candidates for medical research, practice and innovation.

After completing his Biomedicine degree, Can undertook a Master of Engineering and in his final year was involved in the annual expo and competition – the Endeavour Exhibition. Can’s project group received three awards for their project.

“We worked very hard with many people in our final year to develop our project. The exhibition was amazing - continuously pitching, engaging and presenting and was capped off by recognition from three different award bodies,” says Can.

Can is now looking forward to taking the next step in his journey - studying the Doctor of Medicine at Melbourne.

Can Ertan
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Bioengineering Systems) → Master of Engineering (Biomedical) → Doctor of Medicine

Meet Gabrielle

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Biomedicine, Dr Gabrielle Cutler reflects on the challenge of being pushed outside her comfort zone during her undergraduate studies. It was what inspired her.

Biomedicine challenged me because some of the core subjects were not ones that I would have picked myself...but I am glad I did them because many covered things I needed to know for future study and a career in medicine

With more than 1000 Breadth subjects to choose from, Gabrielle was able to continue to develop her Indonesian language skills and also took AUSLAN and deafness and communication subjects. These were available outside the main fields of study in her Biomedicine degree.

“This was so useful to understand the deaf community from a perspective other than the medical model,” she says.

Completing her Doctor of Medicine at the University's Shepparton campus, Gabrielle says she has made life-long friendships in the small Biomedicine student cohort. Some joined her in studying medicine and others went on to pursue research or public health pathways.

Gabrielle has since secured an internship at the Northern Hospital where she is applying her knowledge and skills in a public hospital setting.

Dr Gabrielle Cutler
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Human Structure and Function) → Doctor of Medicine → Medical Intern, Northern Hospital

Meet Thomas

His passion for science developed at high school and through his Bachelor of Biomedicine, Thomas delved deeply into physics, chemistry and biology.

I was after more flexibility for career options in the health and medical fields and love that the degree was an intersection of my interests in biological science and the ability to show compassion to others.

Thomas, was part of Biomedicine Student Society and Earth Science Student Society, and says he is grateful for the academic, personal and social experiences that enriched his life.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Thomas initially wanted to take a gap year to travel and experience different cultures, before applying for a Doctor of Medicine.

Since graduating with First Class Honours, Thomas is now undertaking a two year traineeship within Pharmacology and Toxicology department of R&D at CSL Behring, Marburg in Germany.

“Taking time off my studies and travelling has been incredible – I’ve seen some amazing places and am slowly picking up the German language,” says Thomas.

Thomas Bailey
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Neuroscience) → Traineeship, Pharmacology and Toxicology (Research & Development), CSL Behring - Germany

Meet Denzil

For Denzil it was the Christian ethos of serving others that initially drove him to become interested in healthcare. He undertook the Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours), majoring in Bioengineering Systems. This gave him a solid knowledge of health and disease – and highlighted areas of interest for further study.

During his degree Denzil volunteered with Global Consulting Group, mentored primary and high school students at his local community groups and ran a small tutoring/consulting agency.

The highlight for me has been encountering peers who have become true friends - and academics who have become true mentors.

He is currently working at the University as a Research Assistant charting the future of macro-scale healthcare in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering/Department of Finance, and supporting research projects in Professor Frank Caruso's Nanostructured Interfaces and Materials (NIMS) Group, in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

"Do not underestimate the extent of the opportunity you have at Melbourne to gain access to individuals who possess a wealth of domain knowledge and expertise. If you are willing to take initiative, hustle, and freely offer your time in exchange for the opportunity to learn, you will find people who are only too ready to give you a shot," Denzil says.

Denzil Furtado
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Bioengineering Systems) → Researcher, University of Melbourne → Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering)

Meet Akshita

Akshita works as a Senior Orthopaedic Physiotherapist across the acute and outpatient settings. This involves servicing orthopaedic, plastics, rheumatology, maxillofacial units in the acute setting - and outpatients including hydrotherapy and fracture clinic, and previously hand therapy.

She completed her Bachelor of Biomedicine and Doctor of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne.

The Bachelor of Biomedicine helped me decide on exactly what career path to choose and gave me a very sound biomedical knowledge that I still use today as a physiotherapist.

During her studies, Akshita did a global physiotherapy placement in Thailand – assisting in the management of children with developmental delays and Cerebral Palsy in day centres and government orphanages.

Throughout her career, Akshita has developed a keen interest in the rehabilitation of patients following limb salvage surgery for bone and soft tissue sarcomas and is currently doing further research in this area.

“I would like to complete and publish further research in bone and soft tissue sarcomas, develop educational resources and workshops to help improve the rehabilitation and care of this specific patient population,” she says.

Akshita Sundaresh
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Human Structure and Function) → Doctor of Physiotherapy (Distinction) → Senior Orthopaedic Physiotherapist, St Vincent's Hospital

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