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Meet Denzil

For Denzil it was the Christian ethos of serving others that initially drove him to become interested in healthcare. He undertook the Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours), majoring in Bioengineering Systems. This gave him a solid knowledge of health and disease – and highlighted areas of interest for further study.

During his degree Denzil volunteered with Global Consulting Group, mentored primary and high school students at his local community groups and ran a small tutoring/consulting agency.

The highlight for me has been encountering peers who have become true friends - and academics who have become true mentors.

He is currently working at the University as a PhD Researcher (Westpac Future Leaders Scholar) working on mRNA-based gene therapy for the treatment of rare genetic diseases in Professor Frank Caruso's Nanostructured Interfaces and Materials (NIMS) Group, Department of Chemical Engineering. Together with Professor Caruso, Denzil has co-founded the start up, MessengerBio - an mRNA platform scientists can use to accelerate their researcher. Read more on Pursuit.

Do not underestimate the extent of the opportunity you have at Melbourne to gain access to individuals who possess a wealth of domain knowledge and expertise. If you are willing to take initiative, hustle, and freely offer your time in exchange for the opportunity to learn, you will find people who are only too ready to give you a shot.
Denzil Furtado
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Bioengineering Systems) → Researcher, University of Melbourne → Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering)

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