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Meet Chodron

From the Bachelor of Biomedicine, Chodron went on to complete a Doctor of Physiotherapy at Melbourne.

She says it was important to maintain a healthy life balance while studying and took part in on campus activities and joined the Wushu Kung Fu Club and the Chinese History and Garment Society.

“By not just focusing on my academic commitments and remembering to have fun and relax meant I was in a good mindset and could be more effective in my studies.”

At a later stage of her career, Chodron hopes to do research – an interest ignited during her Biomedicine studies:

I would love to be able to put the skills from both my Biomedicine and Physiotherapy degrees into finding or developing more effective treatments for the diseases and conditions treated by physical therapy.
Ngawang Chodron Kho
Bachelor of Biomedicine  → Master of Physiotherapy Graduate

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