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Meet Holly

After witnessing the disparity between metropolitan and rural areas in mental health issues and suicide rates, Holly decided to specialize in mental health, in the area of early-psychosis. She is currently working as a medical officer at Peninsula Health and undertaking research at Orygen Youth Mental Health.

Holly first came to the University of Melbourne on an Access Scholarship – a program that supports students from rural and disadvantaged schools.

Growing up in a rural area shaped how I view medicine. It’s made me very cognizant of equity versus equality – and I want to be part of reducing stigma and improving access to health.

After completing her Biomedicine studies Holly went on to do a Doctor of Medicine/Master of Public Health (MD/MHP) degree at Melbourne, where she chose to be part of the rural clinical school and the University’s Extended Rural Cohort program.

During her undergraduate studies Holly travelled to Africa with Gapmedics, an experience that cemented her desire to pursue a career in medicine.

Her advice for prospective students: “Focus on your own growth and being the person you want to be. Life experience, volunteering, work experience and emotional intelligence go a LONG way. If you focus solely on academics, you are really missing out, and your future work opportunities will be poorer for it.”

Dr Holly Sizer
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Human Structure and Function) → Doctor of Medicine/Master of Public Health (MD/MHP) → Medical Officer, Peninsula Health

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