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Meet Can

Can’s strong interest in science comes from his family, being the son of a neurologist and psychiatrist he was exposed to the wonders of biology and physics from a young age.

As clinicians, Can’s parents knew of the University of Melbourne’s global reputation in medical research and practice. Together they travelled to Melbourne and toured the Parkville Campus - the University’s personalized service and vision for Biomedicine students immediately instilled a sense of trust and belonging. This was something that was very important to Can as an international student who relocated from Turkey to study at the University.

Being among hundreds of diligent and high achieving Biomedicine students was motivating. Everyone was passionate, including the lecturers - they ensured we grew to be the best possible candidates for medical research, practice and innovation.

After completing his Biomedicine degree, Can undertook a Master of Engineering and in his final year was involved in the annual expo and competition – the Endeavour Exhibition. Can’s project group received three awards for their project.

“We worked very hard with many people in our final year to develop our project. The exhibition was amazing - continuously pitching, engaging and presenting and was capped off by recognition from three different award bodies,” says Can.

Can is now looking forward to taking the next step in his journey - studying the Doctor of Medicine at Melbourne.

Can Ertan
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Bioengineering Systems) → Master of Engineering (Biomedical) → Doctor of Medicine

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