Meet Our Inspiring Graduates

Meet Sakshi

Dr Sakshi Singh, a talented young doctor from Melbourne, is exploring her options.

Sakshi completed her Bachelor of Biomedicine degree at Melbourne followed by a Doctor of Medicine. Having always had an interest in mental health, she is now specialising in psychiatry through a Masters degree and has started her training at Royal College. Dr Singh currently works as a psychiatry registrar.

Outside of her medical career, Sakshi has a love of the arts and cinema - and has worked on films in both Australia and India. In 2018, she was crowned The Raj Suri Miss India Australia winner. More recently her film Long Distance premiered in Australia at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).

Sakshi now plans to take a gap year to focus on her acting career but her ultimate goal is to raise mental health awareness through psychiatry as well as cinema.

Acting and performing have always been a passion, but I'm never going to give up my medical career.
Dr Sakshi Singh
Bachelor of Biomedicine  (Anatomy and Physiology) → Doctor of Medicine → Psychiatry Registrar, Royal Melbourne Hospital → Masters of Psychiatry