Meet our inspiring alumni

Meet Roshine

Roshine has always had a thirst for learning – and a desire to constantly improve her knowledge of the world.

“I’ve always been inspired to help people and am fascinated about the human body, and knew that I wanted to work in the health industry,” she says.

Born in the Seychelles, Roshine lived in Sri Lanka, before moving to Melbourne to start university. She completed her Bachelor of Biomedicine, in the School of Biomedical Sciences, majoring in Pathology.

“I love learning everything from start to finish – the whole picture – and pathology catered to this. We learnt about many different diseases and started with the cause, the progress of diseases, the signs and symptoms and how it affects the body. This really suited my style of learning” she says.

Roshine is now mid way through her “dream” course: the Doctor of Dental Surgery.

It is incredibly rewarding, you get to help people who cannot afford dental care and treat patients as early as second year

Roshine has loved being part of the University community. From volunteering on campus, including the Melbourne Welcome Program, to playing sport and being part of the Biomedicine Student Society and importantly, the chocolate lovers club.

“University life is not only about your education, it is about being resourceful, finding things you love, and actively pursuing them. Go out there and do things both related an unrelated to your degree, make sure your university years are an experience that you can talk about with your grandkids!”

Roshine Linus
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Pathology) → Doctor of Dental Surgery

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