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Meet Thomas

His passion for science developed at high school and through his Bachelor of Biomedicine, Thomas delved deeply into physics, chemistry and biology.

I was after more flexibility for career options in the health and medical fields and love that the Biomedicine degree was an intersection of my interests in biological science and the ability to show compassion to others.

Thomas, was part of Biomedicine Student Society and Earth Science Student Society, and says he is grateful for the academic, personal and social experiences that enriched his life.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Thomas initially wanted to take a gap year to travel and experience different cultures, before applying for a Doctor of Medicine.

Since graduating with First Class Honours, Thomas is now undertaking a two year traineeship within Pharmacology and Toxicology department of R&D at CSL Behring, Marburg in Germany.

“Taking time off my studies and travelling has been incredible – I’ve seen some amazing places and am slowly picking up the German language,” says Thomas.

Thomas Bailey
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Neuroscience) → Traineeship, Pharmacology and Toxicology (Research & Development), CSL Behring - Germany

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