Meet our talented Biomedicine students

The Bachelor of Biomedicine is ideal preparation for a career in medicine and professional health - it is aligned with those offered by many top institutions worldwide. Here are some of our Biomedicine students in the School of Biomedical Sciences. Read their stories and find out why these ambitious minds chose Melbourne.

Meet Georgia

Studying the Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne has made Georgia even more passionate about health science.

She is particularly interested in learning what makes cells ‘tick’ which led her to major in Cell Developmental Biology. During the Biomedical Research Project subject, Georgia worked in a research lab at the Florey Institute, investigating the use of stem cell therapy for Parkinson’s Disease.

Over the past three years of her degree, Georgia has been challenged academically, broadened her worldview and made lasting friendships.

My fellow students are compassionate people who are deeply interested in healthcare and how science can be used to help others.

“I chose Melbourne because of its location and facilities – the biomedical precinct, the hospitals and research institutes – and of course the restaurants and bars around Lygon Street and Brunswick don’t go astray,” she says.

Looking to practise her French skills, Georgia took part in the Study Abroad program to McGill University, Montreal. For Georgia, the best part was experiencing everyday life in another culture - she practiced French and got to travel every weekend.

As a member of the Biomedicine Students' Society (BSS), Georgia helped coordinate social events like the O-Week camp and ran academic revision lectures and workshops. She worked part time in a café, volunteered to teach English to refugee students, played social netball, basketball and participated in long distance running events.

“Be brave and get involved,” is Georgia's advice to future Biomedicine students.

Georgia Carney
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Cell Developmental Biology)

Meet James

Now in the final year of his undergraduate degree, James says that his experience of studying the Bachelor of Biomedicine has been deeply fulfilling. The degree structure allowed him to follow his scientific interests and explore his passions.

The people of have met have been the highlight – friends, colleagues and the world class lecturers, academics and researchers. I have been inspired by the talent around me.

James worked with cadavers during his second year core anatomy subject - for James this was a unique and very rewarding experience. The style of the unit content and the engaging lecturers led James to then major in Human Structure and Function.

As part of life on campus, James has played squash and the saxophone, established a tutoring business, sat on the Biomedicine Students' Society committee and worked as a Teddy Bear Hospital volunteer. These are just some of the activities that can form part of the vibrant student life at the University of Melbourne.

His advice for prospective students? “Get out there, back yourself and make the most of the experience (it will pass a lot faster than you think).”

James Lin
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Human Structure and Function)

Meet Ronan

Ronan wanted to study alongside like-minded people. That’s one of the reasons he chose to study Biomedicine in the School of Biomedical Sciences at Melbourne.

Through studying the Bachelor of Biomedicine I have received a wonderful introduction to health sciences…I’ve become more organised, focused and confident.

As an avid sport enthusiast, Ronan played footy and squash with access to the University’s green spaces, fitness classes and sports clubs. He was also a member of the Mandarin Language Club and travelled to China for three months to improve his Mandarin skills.

Throughout his undergraduate degree, Ronan has been involved with the Biomedicine Students' Society (BSS): “It was a fantastic introduction to the Biomedicine community at the University - and a great way to make friends,” he says.

Mentoring younger students through his involvement in the BSS, Ronan passed on the advice that he had learned – how to study effectively, maintain work-life balance, GAMSAT preparation and medical interview practice. For Ronan this was an amazing experience. “There’s no feeling quite like helping others,” he reflects.

Ronan Petersen
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Physiology)

Meet Joanne

Moving from Sydney to study the Bachelor of Biomedicine was part of Joanne's life goal of becoming a pediatrician. A career that will combine her love of children with her passion for health.

Her inspiration comes from a social justice leadership role she held at high school and involvement in campaigns like World Vision’s 40 Hour Famine: "Children can't reach their full potential because they don’t have access to adequate resources…this should be a basic human right."

Choosing the University of Melbourne because of its placing as the top university in Australia and its reputation for outstanding teaching and research, Joanne loves the learning environment and access to programs and facilities.

There is such a diverse range of opportunities available to Biomedicine students at Melbourne - like the exchange program.

As part of the exchange program available through her Chancellor’s Scholarship, Joanne studied at the University of British Columbia in Canada: “It was truly an eye-opening experience and the best decision of my life!”

Living away from home Joanne has become more independent and formed long lasting friendships, particularly through her involvement in the Biomedicine Students Society. Outside of studying Joanne loves going to the gym, photography and - as a self-confessed foodie - exploring restaurants and brunch spots all over Melbourne. “I have definitely fallen in love with Melbourne’s café culture since moving here,” she says.

Joanne Liu
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Human Structure and Function)

Meet Georgia

Originally from Wellington in New Zealand, Georgia moved to Melbourne to study the Bachelor of Biomedicine. She studied an International Baccalaureate at high school, preparing her for tertiary study, and fell in love with the University of Melbourne at Open Day in 2017.

I wanted to do something a little different and make my own way - so I chose to move to Australia rather than study at home in New Zealand.

“I am in awe of how I am constantly surrounded by passionate and engaged young people at the University. There is so much to learn from the people around me,” Georgia says of her university experience.

Now residing at University College (UC) where she holds a leadership role as VP of the UC Student Club, Georgia reflects that the college was one the best things she has ever been part of: “Going from having no one to a 300 person family who all welcomed me was incredibly special,” she says.

Having just completed her second year of Biomedicine, Georgia is looking ahead and has a keen interest in genetics, immunology, anatomy and reproductive physiology. With plans for a career in the medical industry be it professionally helping others or through research, Georgia says, “There is so much to be done to gain a clearer picture of how humans function. I would love to contribute to this.”

Georgia Taylor
Bachelor of Biomedicine

Meet Allen

Choosing to study health sciences was, for Allen, no accident. As a sick child, his earliest memories were of being rushed to the GP or hospital and watching the incredible professionalism of medical staff who took care of him and reassured his family.

Allen wants to make the same positive impact in his future career in medicine – and give families in these situations care and comfort, just as he and his family experienced.

Attracted by the freedom and flexibility of the Biomedicine degree at Melbourne, Allen wanted to explore a wide range of breadth and elective options. He is also studying for a concurrent Diploma of Languages in German - a language he had learned for six years at high school.

“I have had some brilliant lecturers and subjects and my appreciation of the language and culture has only increased. I hope to put it to good use by taking a subject in Germany soon,” he says.

Allen has also been part of the Biomedicine Students' Society and the intervarsity debating society, representing the University in tournaments in Sydney, Canberra, and Bali and Thailand.

Keep your options open. You never know what subject might trigger a 'moment of truth' and guide you down a future pathway..
Allen Xiao
Bachelor of Biomedicine

Meet Jasraaj

Jas was pushed outside her comfort zone when she came to Melbourne – moving interstate by herself and transitioning from high school to university were challenging at first but she embraced everything UOM had to offer.

With a passion for sport, medicine, law and science, Jas found the Melbourne Model ideal, it allowed her to keep up her core interests while completing the Bachelor of Biomedicine.

I developed new skills -  time management, leadership, communication and organization and I took up any opportunities that came my way.  I attended grad expos, panels, lectures, orientation activities and talked to current and past students to help with the transition, to meet new people and settle into Melbourne

During her BBMED studies, Jas has developed a strong passion for First Nation’s Health, rural and remote medicine and surgery and plans to see where these interests take her. She has always strived give back, to create change towards a healthier, more sustainable and community-oriented world.

“My upbringing and the diverse experiences that I’ve had growing up have shaped who I am today and reinforced my desire to make a positive difference where I can,” she says.

Jasraaj Singh
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Immunology)

Meet Joseph

Driven, unique and beautiful. That’s how Joseph describes his fellow student cohort. He has met some of his best friends over the past three years – people who have supported him during his studies and through life in general.

Joseph was attracted by the opportunities that the University offers – and particularly those exclusive to the Bachelor of Biomedicine. Like Molecule to Malady where students get to interact with both specialists and patients. “This put everything we were learning into perspective and made it very relatable,” says Joseph.

When he first started at Melbourne Joseph didn’t have a clear direction in terms of his long term study path. “The holistic approach to health sciences and being exposed to a little bit of everything really helped me to focus on what I wanted to do,” Joseph says.

I like that the University of Melbourne offers ‘breadth’ - it allows students to broaden their minds and knowledge.

Originally from Singapore, Joseph has lived between his home country and Australia for the past six years. This has included serving two years of compulsory national service in Singapore. Growing up in different places Joseph says, “I have learned to keep an open mind, stay humble and be receptive to alternate thinking and ideas.”

Joseph Say
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Neuroscience)

Meet Caitlin

Caitlin is fascinated by the immune system – and passionate about music. Studying the Bachelor of Biomedicine at Melbourne has meant the opportunity to do breadth subjects – she has explored everything from folk music, to Japanese and musical theatre, whilst majoring in Immunology & Microbiology, with a sub-specialisation in Infection & Immunity.

“I knew I wanted to work in the biomedicine/health science field which is why the Bachelor of Biomedicine appealed. It has turned me from someone interested in science to a scientist, its crystallised my key interests and I’ve had a taste of research too,” she says.

In her final year of her undergraduate degree, Caitlin received the top student award for three of her Microbiology subjects, and the Ian Holmes Medal for Virology.

I really loved third year - I got to focus on what I was most interested in and hear from world renowned experts across so many different areas.

During her Biomedicine studies, Caitlin also completed her Australian Music Examinations Board Grade 8 classical singing, was part of the Ring of Choir cappella ensemble, the Melbourne University Choral Society and the Biomedicine Students Orchestra.

Caitlin Cole
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Immunology & Microbiology)

Meet Ryan

With a keen interest in the body’s immune system, it was his high school Biology teacher that inspired Ryan to pursue biomedical science. Ryan has had the opportunity to work at the Walter Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI) within the immunology division as part of his Biomedicine degree and this has cemented this passion.

"The Bachelor of Biomedicine is challenging - but immensely rewarding and engaging,” says Ryan, recipient of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology’s 2nd Year Prize for top student (2019).

Dux of his high school, Ryan was a Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholarship recipient and made the Dean's Honours List in first year, achieving the top 3% of his cohort. In 2019 he was awarded a Metcalf Scholarship based on academic merit, to support his research at WEHI.

“As part of the immunogenetics research team at WEHI, I study the molecular and cellular basis of heritable immunodeficiencies. My research has taught me many techniques, including peripheral blood mononuclear cell isolation, DNA extraction, and flow cytometry,” says Ryan.

In 2020, Ryan will be involved in the inaugural Melbourne Peer Mentoring Program and mentor first year Biomedicine students.

Surround yourself with supportive peers and excel together – and fully engage with the exceptional teaching staff at the university.
Ryan Munnings
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Immunology)

Meet Vina

Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, Vina made the move to Melbourne to study the Bachelor of Biomedicine. Like a lot of international students moving abroad seemed daunting at first – but the support team at the University really helped Vina adjust and adapt. "You only have to reach out and ask for assistance," she says.

Learning how to be independent, being exposed to new cultures and perspectives – and adapting and adjusting to a new environment…it’s been an empowering experience.

Since beginning her studies in the School of Biomedical Sciences Vina has been part of the Sobat Program, working as a guide for first year university students and the Buddy Program in Trinity College Foundation Studies, mentoring junior buddies.

With plans to become a paediatrician in the future, Vina says her motivation comes from family and friends, who have followed their passion.

“I have a good friend who has inspired me to study medicine – she is an engineer and is passionate about empowering women to pursue careers in STEMM,” says Vina.

Vina Quinnarva
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Human Structure and Function)

Meet Amanda

As an international student from Panadura, Sri Lanka, Amanda was inspired to study at the University of Melbourne because of its 150-year history of providing world-class education to its students.

It's the interactive way the Bachelor of Biomedicine (BBMED) is taught at Melbourne, that Amanda loved most.

“The degree develops students’ practical skills, like building a strong research base along with theoretical knowledge,” she says.

Getting to hear the exciting stories of the academics and researchers inspired me to go beyond the boundaries and be extraordinary

The Cambridge Outstanding Learners Award recipient was intrigued by the possibilities of discovering the underlying causes of disease and improving diagnosis and treatment for the community. Amanda says BBMED helped her develop skills and knowledge in areas of biomedicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, medicine and administration.

During her undergraduate degree, Amanda was part of the Biomedicine Students Society, received the Leaders in Communities Award and served as a Student Ambassador. "I thrived on being surrounded by intelligent, like-minded students from various backgrounds," she says.

Amanda has since gone on to pursue her doctoral studies in Australia.

Amanda Manage
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Neuroscience)

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