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Meet Lamisha

Lamisha would like to work in the nutrition sector and plans to do a Masters in Dietetics after she graduates from her Biomedicine degree.

For Lamisha, the people at Melbourne have made the difference to her undergraduate experience especially meeting friends through the course and various clubs, societies and extra-curricular activities she has been a part of.

“We have a small cohort in Biomedicine and for some, it may feel like you're growing with those people. There is something about shared experiences that connects people even if you may not personally know them,” says Lamisha.

“And I really love the UoM campus and its location - all the instagrammable spots, great coffee places nearby and being able to jump from one library to another for a study session with mates!”

Studying in the School of Biomedical Sciences has also meant learning firsthand from experts in the medical field.

I haven’t had a lecturer or tutor so far that was not deeply passionate about what they were teaching and always trying their best to help students.

Lamisha has recently been involved in the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program to help new students settle in to life at university.

“When I moved to Melbourne for uni, I didn't know a single person - nor did I have a mentor. I had to rely on myself a lot to get around initially but also sought help from others when I needed it. It made me realise the importance of having someone help you settle into uni life - and that's why I wanted to become a peer mentor to new students,” she reflects.

Her advice for future students: "Ask for help when you need it. Reach out to your family and friends, your professors and tutors and support services. There are people available and wanting to help you so don't be afraid to ask!"

Lamisha Ahnaf
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Human Nutrition)

The Melbourne Peer Mentor Program

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