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Meet Zizheng

Set your goals and go for it. That is the advice Zizheng Xian would give to his younger self now that he’s completed a Bachelor of Biomedicine and is part-way through his Masters of Biomedical Science at the University of Melbourne.

After majoring in Pharmacology, his goal now is to pursue the field of Neuron Biology.

“With most diseases, the patient is conscious of the love they receive from family and friends. This helps to build up their inner confidence as they try to overcome their illness,” he says. “However for patients with disease in the brain, sometimes they are ignorant of the care and love around them and they self-isolate. This is why I want to help patients with brain disease.”

Zizheng says he chose Melbourne because of its world-class reputation.

As a research student who is devoted to biomedical research, the University of Melbourne provides the perfect place to feed my curiosity and realise my ideas.

Studying during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging with irregular access to laboratories. But, the past 12 months have also been rewarding. Zizheng began his Masters in 2019 in the mid-year intake. “A highlight of my studies at the School of Biomedical Sciences has actually been the quick progress I made after being delayed in 2020 due to quarantine.”

Zizheng Xian
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Pharmacology), Masters of Biomedical Science

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