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Meet Rachel

First year BBMED student and Students@Work intern

With a passion for engineering and the applications of biotechnology, Rachel began her Bachelor of Biomedicine/Masters of Biomedical Engineering through the Graduate Degree Package (GDP) pathway in 2021.

After seeing a Students@Work posts by the Melbourne University Biomedical Engineering Society (MUBES), she applied – hoping for an early opportunity to intern in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. The program provides on-campus employment opportunities such as paid internships and professional roles to current students.

“I now find myself as a biomedical engineering student improvement and project administration intern,” says Rachel.

Working with Associate Professor Kathryn Stok’s laboratory has given the 18-year-old an opportunity to “ask researchers and academics about their career journeys and learn about how they have progressed through their studies to reach where they are today”.

Rachel helps arrange servicing contracts for medical equipment and has built an understanding of the structures and procedures in the lab. She has also been involved with video editing, updating inventory records and checking supplies.

I’ve met incredibly accomplished academics at all different stages in their career, and experienced a glimpse into biomedical engineering research at a much earlier stage in my degree than I could have hoped for.

Other tasks offered as part of the internships include marketing, finance, website development, events, inventory – all essential for developing additional skills to complement student laboratory experience and studies.

Rachel Moraes
Bachelor of Biomedicine/Masters of Biomedical Engineering

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