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Meet Samara

Initially, Samara’s transition to the University of Melbourne from her hometown in Queensland was difficult as it meant moving away from family - but she says the support and friends made through the Hansen Scholarship Program made everything a lot easier.

I am so incredibly grateful to be a Hansen Scholar, this Program has given me a loving and accepting community...I’ve learnt a lot about myself since moving to Melbourne and it’s definitely confirmed for me that I am studying what I love and am on the right path.

At high school Samara participated in lots of musical groups, was school captain and ran the student council. She also worked part time as a receptionist at a law firm, learning how to manage her time and interact with a wide range of people.

“I struggled to juggle it all with studying – but it definitely taught me how to manage my time, not procrastinate and work hard – and more importantly it taught me the importance of work/life balance!”

Now studying the Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne Samara is majoring in genetics, a subject she loves and plans to continue studying in her Masters.

Samara Roy
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Genetics), Hansen Scholar

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