The School of Biomedical Sciences includes some of the University's oldest departments and indeed the oldest biomedical science departments in the state of Victoria. For this reason it is host to a number of unique programs of both community and scientific interest.

Body Donor Program

The Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience at the University of Melbourne co-ordinates a Body Donor Program for the purposes of anatomical examination and the teaching and study of anatomy..

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The Australian Venom Research Unit provides information on venomous animals to the public and clinicians.

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Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology

Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology is one of Australia's largest collections of real human tissue specimens and historical anatomical models, offering students and researchers a unique insight into the human body.

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Under the Coverslip

Under the Coverslip (UTCS) is an annual student-run scientific imaging competition presented by the Postgraduate Students of Anatomy Society and the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience.

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