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Meet Allen

Choosing to study health sciences was, for Allen, no accident. As a sick child, his earliest memories were of being rushed to the GP or hospital and watching the incredible professionalism of medical staff who took care of him and reassured his family.

Allen wants to make the same positive impact in his future career in medicine – and give families in these situations care and comfort, just as he and his family experienced.

Attracted by the freedom and flexibility of the Biomedicine degree at Melbourne, Allen wanted to explore a wide range of breadth and elective options. He is also studying for a concurrent Diploma of Languages in German - a language he had learned for six years at high school.

“I have had some brilliant lecturers and subjects and my appreciation of the language and culture has only increased. I hope to put it to good use by taking a subject in Germany soon,” he says.

Allen has also been part of the Biomedicine Students' Society and the intervarsity debating society, representing the University in tournaments in Sydney, Canberra, and Bali and Thailand.

Keep your options open. You never know what subject might trigger a 'moment of truth' and guide you down a future pathway..
Allen Xiao
Bachelor of Biomedicine

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