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Meet Amanda

As an international student from Panadura, Sri Lanka, Amanda was inspired to study at the University of Melbourne because of its 150-year history of providing world-class education to its students.

It's the interactive way the Bachelor of Biomedicine (BBMED) is taught at Melbourne, that Amanda loved most.

“The degree develops students’ practical skills, like building a strong research base along with theoretical knowledge,” she says.

Getting to hear the exciting stories of the academics and researchers inspired me to go beyond the boundaries and be extraordinary

The Cambridge Outstanding Learners Award recipient was intrigued by the possibilities of discovering the underlying causes of disease and improving diagnosis and treatment for the community. Amanda says BBMED helped her develop skills and knowledge in areas of biomedicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, medicine and administration.

During her undergraduate degree, Amanda was part of the Biomedicine Students Society, received the Leaders in Communities Award and served as a Student Ambassador. "I thrived on being surrounded by intelligent, like-minded students from various backgrounds," she says.

Amanda has since gone on to pursue her doctoral studies in Australia.

Amanda Manage
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Neuroscience)

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