Staff directory

Surname Given NameTitleGroupEmailPosition
Adams Louise Ms Teaching- Academic Email Louise Lecturer
Adham Mohamed Mr Brooks Email Mohamed PhD Graduate Researcher
Aitken Elizabeth Dr Teaching - Academic Email Elizabeth Lecturer
Alaan Christine Mrs Teaching - Classroom Email Christine  Technical Officer
Alexandre Yannick Dr Mueller  Email Yannick Research Officer
Allen Lilith Ms Kedzierska Email Lilith Research Assistant
Almeida Catarina Dr Godfrey Email Catarina Research Officer
Alquethamy Saleh Mr McDevitt Email Saleh PhD Graduate Researcher
Amarasena Thakshila Ms Kent Email Thakshila Technical Assistant
Amir Ali Laraib Ms Villadangos Email Amir PhD Graduate Researcher
Anderson Danielle Dr Subbarao Email Danielle Senior Research Fellow
Andersson Patiyan Dr Howden Email Patiyan Research Fellow
Arpesella Leonardo Mr Villadangos Email Leonardo PhD Graduate Researcher
Asad Saba   Haque Email Saba PhD Graduate Researcher
Asatsuma Takahiro Mr Haque Email Takahiro PhD Graduate Researcher
Ashayeripanah Mitra Ms Villadangos Email Mitra PhD Graduate Researcher
Aurelia Carissa Ms Chung Email Carissa PhD Graduate Researcher
Bachem Annabell Dr Bedoui Email Annabell Research Officer
Bacus Michael Mr Scott Email Michael Masters Student
Baines Sarah Ms Howden Email Sarah PhD Graduate Researcher
Bakhti Mehrnaz Mrs Purcell Email Mehrnaz Research Assistant
Ballard Susan Dr MDU Email Susan Section Leader - MODI
Balzamo Petroula Ms MDU Email Petroula Biological Specimen Reception & General Administration
Barber-Axthelm Isaac Dr Kent Email Issac PhD Graduate Researcher
Barnden Jessica Ms MDU Email Jessica Enterics
Barrow Alexander Dr Barrow Email Alexander Senior Lecturer
Bartholomeusz Rebecca Ms Gebhardt Email Rebecca PhD Student
Barrow Melissa Dr Torresi Email Melissa Research Fellow
Barton Kim Ms MDU Email Kim Personal Assistant
Batten Jane Dr Kent Email Jane Lab/Project Manager
Bawden Emma Ms Gebhardt Email Emma Research Officer
Baz Mariana Dr Subbarao Email Mariana Microbiologist
Beattie Lynette Dr Heath Email Lynette Senior Research Officer
Bedoui Sammy Prof Bedoui Email Sammy Professor
Begg Stephanie Dr McDevitt Email Stephanie Research Fellow
Beh Jia Qi Ms Howden Email Jia Qi

PhD Graduate Researcher

Bek Mark Dr MDU Email Mark IT_LIMS
Bell Kim Ms MPU Email Kim Laboratory Assistant
Bennett-Wood Vicki Ms Department Email Vicki NHMRC Research Assistant
Binti Pengiran Hassanel Dayangku Nordiyana (Diyana) Ms Kent Email Email Dayangku Nordiyana (Diyana) Visiting PhD Student
Bird Lauren Ms Newton Email Lauren PhD Graduate Researcher
Bisogno Raquel Ms MDU Email Raquel Technical Assistant
Borg Joshua Mr Mueller Email Joshua Masters Student
Bramhall Michael Dr Haque Email Michael Research Officer
Braverman Jessica Ms Wakim Email Jessica PhD student
Brooks Andrew Prof Brooks Email Andrew Head of Department
Bulach Dieter Dr MDU Email Dieter Senior Bioinformatician
Burmas Lauren Ms Kent Email Lauren Research Assistant
Burn Thomas Dr Mackay Email Thomas Research Officer
Burton Thomas Mr Mackenzie Email Thomas Research Officer
Buultjens Andrew Mr Stinear Email Andrew PhD Graduate Researcher
Byrne Jutta Ms MDU Email Jutta FEOR
Byrne Louise Ms MPU Email Louise Laboratory Assistant
Cain Helen Dr Teaching - Academic Email Helen Honorary Senior Lecturer
Cameron Donna Ms MDU Email Donna Infection Control Consultant
Cameron Garth Dr Godfrey Email Garth Research Officer
Cao Wang Mr Strugnell Email Wang PhD Graduate Researcher
Carswell Samuel Mr MDU Email Samuel DevOps Engineer
Carter Glen Dr MDU Email Glen Doherty Centre for Applied Microbial Genomics
Carrera Montoya Julio Mr Mackenzie Email Julio PhD Graduate Researcher
Chai May Ms MDU Email May MDDI
Chandran Paurnami Ms Admin Email Paurnami Laboratory Manager & OHS Advisor
Chang Jessie Ms Coin Email Jessie PhD Graduate Researcher
Chang So Young Ms Kedzierska Email So Young PhD Graduate Researcher
Charry Katelyn Ms Mackenzie Email Katelyn Masters Student
Chen Charlene Ms Villadangos Email Charlene Research Assistant
Chen Jiaheng Mr Reading Email Jiaheng Masters Student
Chen Yuanhao   Purcell Email Yuanhao Masters Student
Chen Zhenjun Dr McCluskey  Email Zhenjun Research Officer
Christo Susan Dr L. Mackay Email Susan Research Officer
Chu Melissa Dr Godfrey Email Melissa PhD Student
Chua Brendon Dr Kedzierska Email Brendon Research Fellow
Chung Amy Dr Chung Email Amy Research Officer
Ciula Marcin Mr Godfrey Email Marcin Research Assistant / Lab Manager
Clarke Daniel Dr Teaching - Academic Email Daniel Lecturer Immunology
Clarke Michele Mrs Bedoui Email Michele Research Assistant
Clearson Elle Ms McCluskey Email Elle Masters Student
Clemens Bridie   Kedzierska Email Bridie Research Fellow
Clatch Alisson Ms L. Mackay Email Allison PhD Graduate Researcher
Coffey Jacob Dr Kent Email Jacob Research Officer
Coin Lachlan Prof Coin Email Lachlan Professor
Colafella Alixandra Ms McDevitt Email Alixandra Masters Student
Collett Simon Dr Torresi Email Simon Research Fellow
Cook Laura Dr Villadangos Email Laura Senior Research Officer
Cooper Nigel Mr MPU Email Nigel Technical Assistant
Corbett Alexandra A/Prof McCluskey Email Alexandra Associate Professor
Coulon Pauline Dr Scott Email Pauline Research Officer
Coulson Barbara A/Prof Department Email Barbara Honorary Associate Professor
Cronin Katie Dr MDU Email Katie Visiting Scientist
Cunningham Bliss Dr McDevitt Email Bliss Research Officer
Damtsis Melanie Ms Heath Email Melanie Research Assistant
Daniel Diane Ms MDU Email Diane Technical Officer
Danastasio Danni Ms MDU Email Danni MDDI
Davey Gayle Dr Heath Email Gayle Senior Reseach Officer
David Debra Dr MDU Email Debra Biosafety Officer
Davies Brooke Ms L. Mackay Email Brooke Research Assistant
Davies Mark Dr Davies Email Mark Senior Research Fellow (Bioinformatics)
David Felix Mr Kedzierska Email Felix Laboratory Technician
Davis Samantha Ms Chung Email Samantha PhD Graduate Researcher
Day Karen Prof Day/Duffy Email Karen Lab Head
Daymond Connor Mr Lawson Email Connor PhD Graduate Researcher
De La Pena Cecille Ms MDU Email Cecille Serology / Quality
De Petra Vesna Ms MDU Email Vesna MSHC / Quality
Deed Samantha Ms Day Email Samantha Research Assistant
Deliyannis Georgia Dr Jackson Email Georgia Research Fellow
Deng Jieru Dr Villadangos Email Jieru Research Officer
Devi Sapna Dr Mueller Email Sapna Research Officer
Dewar Phoebe Ms McCluskey Email Phoebe PhD Graduate Researcher
Dharmasena Ishani   Admin Email Ishani Research Finance Officer
Dinevska Marija Ms Mantamadiotis Email Marija PhD Graduate Researcher
Do Thi Ms Kent Email Thi PhD Graduate Researcher
Doherty Peter Prof Department Email Peter Professor Laureate
Donald Angela Ms MDU Email Angela Project Officer
Donato Celeste Dr Howden Email Celeste Research Fellow
Dorji Thinley Dr Howden Email Thinley PhD Graduate Researcher
Dosser James Mr Mackay Email James PhD Student
Dougall Sally Ms MDU Email Sally Epidemiologist
Duchene Sebastian Dr Davies Email Sebastian Research Fellow
Dude Yvonne Miss Teaching Email Yvonne MIIM30017 casual prac staff
Duffy Michael Dr Day/Duffy Email Michael Senior Research Fellow
Earnest Linda   Torresi Email Linda Research Assistant
Easton Marion Ms MDU Email Marion Epidemiologist
Eckle Sidonia Dr McCluskey Email Sidonia Research Fellow
Eddy Eleanor Ms McCluskey Email Eleanor PhD Graduate Researcher
Edwards Jack Mr Purcell Email Jack Research Assistant
Edwards Steven Mr MDU Email Steven Technical Assistant
Eghrari Donya Ms MDU Email Donya Research Officer
Eklund Nicole Ms Admin Email Nicole Research Finance Consultant
Elias Noor Ms MDU Email Noor Visiting Student
Elmzzahi Tarek Mr Kallies Email Tarek PhD Graduate Researcher
Eltherington Oliver Mr Flow Cytometry Email Oliver Senior Technical Specialist
Erazo Anna Belen Ms Strugnell Email Anna PhD Graduate Researcher
Esterbauer Robyn Ms Kent Email Robyn Research Assistant
Estoque Chloe Ms McDevitt Email Chloe PhD Graduate Researcher
Evrard Maximilien Dr L. Mackay Email Maximilien Research Officer
Fagan Liz Ms MDU Email Liz MSHC
Fairmaid Emily Mrs Brown Email Emily Research Assistant
Farrell Jolene   Coin Email Jolene Bioinformatician
Featherstone Leo Mr Davies Email Leo Visiting Honours Student
Ferdinand Angeline Ms Howden Email Angeline Research Fellow
Fernandez Ruiz Daniel Dr Heath Email Daniel Research Officer
Fernando Lakvin Mr Teaching Email Lakvin MIIM30017 casual prac staff
Field Kirsty Ms Kent Email Kirsty PhD Graduate Researcher
Flower Catherine   MDU Email Catherine Technical Assistant
Fong Danielle Ms Purcell Email Danielle Research Assistant
Fonseca Raissa Dr L. Mackay Email Raissa Research Officer
Foo Isabelle Ms Fazakerley Email Isabelle Masters Student
Forsyth John Mr Stinear Email Isabelle Research Assistant
Fortunato de Miranda Natalia Dr Lawson Email Natalia Research Officer
Fransos Zoe Ms Mueller Email Zoe Masters Student
Fraser Claire Mrs MPU Email Claire QC-Officer
Frauenfelder Kate Ms MDU Email Kate MSHC / RUPR
Freestone David   Gebhardt Email David Research Assistant
Fritzlar Svenja Dr Brooks Email Svenja Research Officer
Frota Thalia Ms Mackenzie Email Thalia PhD Graduate Researcher
Fulford Thomas Dr Godfrey Email Thomas Research Officer
Fulton Catherine Ms MDU Email Catherine FEOR
Ganio Katherine Dr McDevitt Email Katherine Research Assistant / Lab Manager
Gare Grace Ms Kent Email Grace Research Assistant
Gao Wei Dr Stinear Email Wei Research Officer
Gaoulil Madani Mr MDU Email Madani IT_LIMS
Gartner Matthew Dr Subbarao Email Matthew Research Officer
Gautam Sanjay Dr Day/Duffy Email Sanjay Research Officer
Gebhardt Thomas Prof Gebhardt Email Thomas Professor
Georgiou Ava Miss Teaching Email Ava Technical Assistant
Gemuend Ioanna Ms Kedzierska Email Ioanna PhD Graduate Researcher
Ghabdan Zanluqui Nagela Ms L. Mackay Email Nagela PhD Graduate Researcher
Ghazanfari Nazanin Dr Barrow Email Nazanin Research Officer
Gherardin Nicholas Dr Godfrey Email Nicholas Research Fellow
Gilbertson Brad Dr Brown Email Brad Research Officer
Gill Mehnaaz   Davies Email Mehnaaz MSc Student
Giulieri Stefano Mr Howden Email Stefano PhD Graduate Researcher
Gleeson Simon Mr MDU Email Simon IT_LIMS
Gloury Renee Ms Kallies Email Renee Research Assistant
Godfrey Dale Prof Godfrey Email Dale Professor
Gohr Florian Nikolaus   Mackenzie Email Florian PhD Graduate Researcher
Gordon Claire Dr L. Mackay Email Claire Research Assistant
Gorrie Claire Ms Howden Email Claire Research Fellow (Bioinformatics)
Gourley Katherine Ms Godfrey Email Katherine Research Assistant
Graca, Veloso Gago da Maria Ms Utzschneider Email Maria PhD Graduate Researcher
Graham Maryza Dr MDU Email Maryza Medical Microbiologist
Gressier Elise Ms Bedoui Email Elise Research Assistant
Greyer Marie Dr Bedoui Email Marie Research Officer
Grimm Livia Ms Stinear Email Livia PhD Graduate Researcher
Grimley Samantha Dr Purcell Email Samantha Research Assistant
Gu Jessica Ms Howden Email Jessica Project Officer
Gubser Patrick Dr Kallies Email Patrick Research Fellow
Guerillot Romain Dr Howden Email Romain Research Officer
Gut Abraham Mr MDU Email Abraham Technical Officer
Habel Jennifer Ms Kedzierska Email Jennifer PhD Graduate Researcher
Hachani Abdou Dr Stinear Email Abdou Research Fellow
Hall Michael Dr Coin Email Michael Research Officer
Harewood Freya   McCluskey Email Freya PhD Graduate Researcher
Harland Kim Ms Kedzierska Email Kim Research Assistant
Hayes Andrew Mr Davies Email Andrew Research Officer
Hayes Ashleigh Ms Howden Email Ashleigh Research Assistant
Heath Bill Prof Heath Email Bill Professor
Heaton Selena Ms MDU Email Selena Acting Principal Scientist / Quality
Herisse Marion Ms Pidot Email Marion Research Assistant
Higgs Charlie Mr Howden Email Charlie PhD Graduate Researcher
Hind Angela Ms Flow Cytometry Email Angela Flow Cytometry Technical Assistant
Hirons Ashley Ms Purcell Email Ashley Research Officer
Ho Mel Ms Admin Email Mel Laboratory Manager and OHS Advisor
Hoang Tuyet Ms MDU Email Tuyet Project Officer
Hocking Dianna Dr Strugnell Email Dianna Research Officer
Hofmann Janine Mrs Newton Email Janine PhD Graduate Researcher
Holz Lauren Dr Heath Email Lauren Research Officer
Holz Marvin Mr Purcell Email Marvin Research Officer
Horan Kristy Dr MDU Email Kristy Bioinformatician
Horman William Mr Kedzierska Email William PhD Graduate Researcher
Horvatic Helena Ms Kallies Email Helena PhD Graduate Researcher
Howden Ben Prof MDU Email Ben Director MDU / Lab Head (Research)
Hu Jessie Ms MDU Email Jessie Project Officer
Huang Obie Mr McCluskey Email Obie Research Assistant
Huang Yilu Ms McCluskey Email Yilu Masters Student
Hui Kylie Ms MDU Email Kylie Technical Assistant
Hussein Asmaa Ms Lawson Email Asmaa PhD Graduate Researcher
Huynh Anh Nhat Truong Mr Utzschneider Email Anh Nhat Truong PhD Student
Ioannidis Lisa Dr Howden Email Lisa Centre Coordinator
Ingle Danielle Dr Howden Email Danielle Genomics Epidemiologist
Ingrodiya Irabel Ms MPU Email Ira Laboratory Assistant
Isles Nicole Ms Stinear Email Nicole PhD Graduate Researcher
Jackson David Prof Jackson Email David Professor
James Rodney Dr MDU Email Rod Medical Microbiologist
Jebeli Leila Dr Scott Email Leilaalsadat Research Officer
Jerera Fadzai   Haque Email Fadzai Masters Student
Jerome Jack Mr McCluskey Email Jack Research Assistant
Jespersen Magnus Mr Davies Email Magnus PhD Graduate Researcher
Jiang Zhe   Haque Email Zhe Masters Student
Johnson Sandra   MDU Email Sandra Epidemiologist
Johnston Joanne Ms MDU Email Joanne Biological Specimen Reception & General Administration
Jones Danny Mr Admin Email Danny Facilities Assistant
Joseph Rainon Mr Mr Email Rainon Masters Student
Judd Louise Dr MDU Email Louise Senior Scientist Genomics
Juno Jennifer Dr Kent Email Jennifer Research Officer
Kaczmarczyk Stanislaw Dr Purcell Email Stan Academic Guest
Kaiser Stephan Mr Admin Email Stephan Senior Administrative Officer
Kallies Axel Prof Kallies Email Axel Professor
Kartal Lejla Ms Howden Email Lejla PhD Graduate Researcher
Kaur Navneet Mrs McDevitt Email Navneet PhD Graduate Researcher
Kaur Taranpreet Mrs MDU Email Taran Technical Assistant
Kearsey Anelise Ms MPU Email Anelise Technical Assistant
Kedzierska Katherine Prof Kedzierska Email Katherine Professor
Kedzierski Lukasz Dr Fazakerley Email Lukasz Senior Research Officer
Keech Kate Dr Admin Email Kate Strategy & Operations Manager
Kennedy Bernadette Ms MDU Email Bernadette Infection Control Officer
Kenney Nathan Mr Mackenzie Email Nathan PhD Graduate Researcher
Kent Stephen Prof Kent Email Stephen Professor
Khan Kamran Mr Barrow Email Kamran PhD Graduate Researcher
Kiley Ryan Mr Admin Email Ryan Research Finance Officer
Koay Hui-Fern Ms Godfrey Email Hui-Fern PhD Graduate Researcher
Kong Geraldine Ms Stinear Email Geraldine Research Fellow
Kosack Lindsay Mr Bedoui Email Lindsay Research Assistant
Koswaththa Liyanage Don Tharaka Deepal Liyanage Mr Teaching Email Tharaka MIIM30017 casual prac staff
Koutsakos Marios Dr Kedzierska Email Marios Research Officer
Kracica Martina Ms MPU Email Martina Technical Assistant
Krause Alex Ms Stinear Email Alex PhD Graduate Researcher
Kuai Joey En Yu Miss Mackay Email Joey En Yu Masters Student
Kwong Jason Dr Howden Email Jason Clinician
Lacey Jake Dr MDU Email Jake Bioinformatician
Lam Anthony Mr Davies Email Anthony MSc Graduate Researcher
Lane Courtney Ms MDU Email Courtney Epidemiology
Lange Sigrid Ms MDU Email Sigrid Technical Assistant
Larrad Wendy Ms Teaching - Classroom Email Wendy CTO
Lau Nicole Ms Newton Email Nicole PhD Graduate Researcher
Lawson Vicki A/Prof Lawson Email Vicki Associate Professor
Le Jeremy Mr McCluskey Email Jeremy Research Assistant
Lee Jean Dr Stinear Email Jean Research Officer
Lee Leo Mr Subbarao Email Leo Research Assistant
Lee Wen Shi Dr Kent Email Wen Shi Research Officer
Lee Michelle Ms Purcell Email Michelle PhD Graduate Researcher
Lee Ariane Ms Bedoui Email Ariane PhD Graduate Researcher
Lee Huyn Jae Dr Haque Email Hyun Jae Research Officer
Lewis Jessica Dr Scott Email Jessica Research Officer
Li Fuyi Dr Coin Email Fuyi Research Officer Bioinformatics
Li Catherine Ms Flow Cytometry Email Catherine Flow Cytometry Operator
Li Lucy Ms Howden Email Lucy Research Assistant
Li Shihan (Tony) Mr Schroeder Email Tony Research Assistant
Li Qiuchun A/Prof Strugnell Email Qiuchun Visiting Fellow
Li Jenny Ms Brooks Email Jenny MDRP Student
Li Songyi Mr McCluskey Email Songyi Research Assistant
Li Yixue Ms Haque Email Yixue Masters Student
Liene Sebastian Mr Kallies Email Jose PhD Graduate Researcher
Lifante Jose Mr Kallies Email Sebastian Internship student
Lim Rachel Ms F. Mackay Email Rachel Masters Student
Lim Xin Yi Ms McCluskey Email Xin Yi Research Assistant
Lin Belinda Dr Stinear Email Belinda PhD Graduate Researcher
Lin Chantel Ms Howden Email Chantel Project Officer
Lin Jie Dr Brooks Email Jie Research Officer
Lisboa Candice Ms MDU Email Candice Scientist AMR
Liu Shangyi Ms Heath Email Zihan Masters Student
Liu Yee-Chen Ms Kent Email Yee-Chen PhD Graduate Researcher
Liu Zihan Ms Haque Email Shangyi Masters Student
Liu Ziyang Mr Wakim Email Ziyang Masters Student
Loh Liyen Dr Kedzierska Email Liyen Research Officer
Loi Keit Mr Godfrey Email Keit Research Officer
Londrigan Sarah Dr Londrigan Email Sarah Senior Research Officer
Lopez Ester Ms Chung Email Ester Research Assistant
Loterio Robson Ms Newton Email Robson Visiting PhD Graduate Researcher
Luke Tina Ms Flow Cytometry Email Tina Flow Cytometry Manager
Ma Lillian   Newton Email Lillian Masters Student
Maass Steiner Thiago Mr Heath Email Thiago PhD Graduate Researcher
Mackay Laura Prof L. Mackay Email Laura Professor
Mackenzie Jason Prof Mackenzie Email Jason Professor
Mackenzie-Kludas Charley Mr Brown Email Charley Research Assistant
Mahrooghi Mona Mrs McDevitt Email Mona PhD Graduate Researcher
Malavvar Shreenivas Meghanashree Ms Strugnell Email Meghanashree PhD Graduate Researcher
Man Kevin Dr Kallies Email Kevin Research Officer
Mantamadiotis Theo Dr Mantamadiotis Email Theo Senior Lecturer
Maqbool Munazzah Mr MDU Email Munazzah PhD Graduate Researcher
Marcelino Vanessa Dr Stinear Email Vanessa ARC Decra Fellow
Marrero Sara Ms Purcell Email Sara Visiting Postdoc
Marshall Julia Dr Valkenburg Email Julia Research Officer
Mauel Katharina Ms Heath Email Katharina PhD Graduate Researcher
Maunders Eve Dr McDevitt Email Eve Research Assistant
Mead Eleanor Ms Mackenzie Email Eleanor Masters Student
McAuley Julie Dr Brown Email Julie Senior Research Officer
McBain Nathan Mr Gebhardt Email Nathan Research Assistant
McClumpha Clare Dr Kent Email Clare Veterinary Officer
McDaniels Taylor Ms Scott Email Taylor Research Assistant
McDevitt Christopher Prof McDevitt Email Chris Associate Professor
McDonald Keely Ms Mackay Email Keely Research Assistant
McEwan Callum Mr MDU Email Callum Research Officer
McKimm-Breschkin Jennifer Dr Brown Email Jennifer Honorary Research Fellow
McQuilton Hayley Dr Kedzierska Email Hayley Research Officer
McWilliam Hamish Dr Villadangos           Email Hamish Research Officer
Meehan Bronwyn Ms McCluskey Email Bronwyn Research Assistant
Meehan Lucy Ms McCluskey Email Lucy Technical Assistant
Meischel Tina Ms Brooks Email Tina PhD Graduate Researcher
Mercoulia Karolina Ms MDU Email Karolina MDDI
Mercuri Francesca Dr Jackson Email Francesca Project Manager
Merrett James Dr MDU Email James Pathogen Genomics Scientist
Michla Michel Mr Mackay Email Marcel PhD Graduate Researcher
Mitchell Paula Ms Admin Email Paula Facilities and Projects Manager
Moke Rendi   Coin Email Rendi PhD Graduate Researcher
Monk Ian Dr Stinear Email Ian Research Officer
Mordant Francesca Ms Subbarao Email Francesca Research Assistant
Moreira Marcela Dr McCluskey Email Marcela Research Officer
Morey Alison Dr Flow Email Marcela Flow Cytometry Operator
Morris Jacqueline Ms Davies Email Jacqueline Research Fellow
Mousavizadeh Atieh Ms Villadangos Email Atieh PhD Graduate Researcher
Mueller Scott Prof Mueller Email Scott Professor
Muhi Stephen Dr Howden Email Stephen Medical Education Consultant
Mujchariyakul Warasinee Ms Howden Email Warasinee PhD Graduate Researcher
Muldoon Laura Ms MPU Email Laura Technical Assistant
Murray Daniel Mr Stinear Email Daniel Undergraduate Student
Napier Joseph Mr Howden Email Joseph Masters Student
Nartey Joseph Mr MDU Email Joseph Masters Student
Neil Jessica Dr Subbarao Email Jessica Research Officer
Nelson Adam Mr McCluskey Email Adam Research Assistant
Nelson Christina Ms Kent Email Christina Research Assistant
Newland Lewis Mr Gebhardt Email Lewis PhD Graduate Researcher
Newton Hayley A/Prof Newton Email Hayley Senior Lecturer Microbiology
Newton Patrice Dr Newton Email Patrice Research Officer
Nguyen An Dr Coin Email An Research Officer
Nguyen Andrea   Mackay Email Andrea 
Nguyen Duong Mr Pidot Email Duong Masters Student
Nguyen Julie Ms Kent Email Julie Research Assistant
Nguyen Hanh Ms Kallies Email Hanh PhD Graduate Researcher
Nguyen Oanh Dr Kedzierska Email Oanh Research Fellow
Nguyen-Roberston Catriona Ms Godfrey Email Catriona Research Assistant
Nigos Rayburn Mr Brooks Email Ray Masters Student
Nonthakaew Napawit Mr Pidot Email Napawit PhD Graduate Researcher
Noonan Susan Mrs MDU Email Susan Masters Student
O'Donnell Bronte Ms MDU Email Bronte Student Researcher
Oates Clare Mrs Brooks Email Clare Laboratory Manager
Oates Talia Ms Howden Email Talia Masters Student
Oliver Jane Ms MDU Email Jane Research Assistant
Orlando Nicole Ms MDU Email Nicole Enterics
Osman Maleika Ms L. Mackay Email Maleika PhD Graduate Researcher
Paquet-Fifield Sophie Dr Teaching - Academic Email Sophie Lecturer - Pathology
Paradiso Lucia Ms MDU Email Lucia Technical Support Officer
Paraskeva Elena Ms MPU Email Elena Media Preparation Unit Co-Ordinator
Patton Timothy Dr McCluskey Email Timothy Research Officer
Pediongco Troi Ms McCluskey Email Troi Research Assistant
Petalotis Sia Ms MDU Email Sia FEOR
Pettit Kathy Ms MDU Email Kathy MSHC
Pham Peter Mr MDU Email Peter Rotation
Pham Rebecca Ms MDU Email Rebecca Admin Assistant
Phan Damien Mr Fazakerley Email Damien Honours Student
Phesse Toby   MDU Email Toby Senior Research Fellow
Phu Vi Mr MDU Email Vi Software Engineer
Pidot Megan Mrs Stinear Email Megan Research Assistant
Pidot Sacha Dr Pidot Email Sacha Senior Research Fellow
Pilapitiya Devaki Ms Kent Email Devaki PhD Graduate Researcher
Pilkington Emily Ms Kent Email Emily Research Officer
Pitchers William Dr MDU Email William Bioinformatician
Pitt Miranda Dr Coin Email Miranda Research Officer
Poch Annika Dr Utzschneider Email Annika Research Fellow
Poch Tobias Dr Mackay Email Tobias Research Officer
Pooley Jo Ms Villadangos Email Jo Laboratory Manager
Portelli Shana Ms Lawson Email Shana PhD Graduate Researcher
Porter Ashleigh Ms Howden Email Ashleigh Research Officer
Porter Jessica Ms Stinear Email Jessica Research Assistant
Power Cheryl Mrs Teaching - Academic Email Cheryl Lecturer
Puglia Eleonora Mrs Teaching - Classroom Email Eleonora Technical Officer
Purcell Damian Prof Purcell Email Damian Professor
Purcell Ruth Ms Chung Email Ruth PhD Graduate Researcher
Quah Pin Shie Dr F. Mackay Email Pin Research Officer
Rajanayagam Jeremy Mr McCluskey Email Jeremy PhD Graduate Researcher
Raji Shabana Ms Kedzierska Email Shabana Undergraduate
Ramanathan Pradhipa Mrs Chung Email Pradhipa Research Assistant
Rambhatlan Janavi Dr Kent Email Janavi Senior Project Officer
Rambocus Savitra Ms MDU Email Savitra Microbiologist-Scientist
Rathnayake Dilini Ms F. Mackay Email Dilini PhD Graduate Researcher
Ratwatte Rahul Mr MDU Email Rahul Marketing Commications Officer
Rau Thomas Dr Department Email Thomas Academic Guest
Reading Patrick Prof Brooks Email Patrick Professor
Rigau Marc Dr Godfrey Email Marc Research Officer
Rispoli Teresa Ms Admin Email Teresa Personal Assistant
Robins-Browne Roy Prof Department Email Roy Honorary Professor
Rodriguez-Andres Julio Dr Fazakerley Email Julio Research Officer
Roquilly Antoine Prof Villadangos Email Antoine Honorary
Ross Jessica Ms Admin Email Jess Senior Technical Officer
Rowntree Louise Dr Kedzierska Email Louise Research Officer
Roydhouse Paula Ms MDU Email Paula Technical Assistant
Ruan Zheng Mr Godfrey Email Zheng Research Assistant
Russell Madeline Ms MDU Email Madeline Technical Assistant
Russell Thomas Mr Department Email Thomas Visting Student
Sabourirad Sarvenaz Ms Barrow Email Sarvenaz PhD Graduate Researcher
Sait Michelle Dr MDU Email Michelle MDDI
Salvador Megan Ms MDU Email Megan Technical Support Officer
Sandford Sarah Ms Mueller Email Sarah PhD Graduate Researcher
Sant Sneha   Kedzierska Email Sneha PhD Graduate Researcher
Santilhano Dias Miriam Ms MDU Email Miriam FEOR
Sarani Hosna   McCluskey Email Hosna PhD Graduate Researcher
Saunders Philippa Dr Brooks Email Philippa Research Officer
Shering Georgia Ms Howden Email Georgia Masters Student
Schienstock Dominik Mr Mueller Email Dominik PhD Graduate Researcher
Schröder Jan Dr Coin Email Jan Wright Foundation Fellow - Bioinformatics
Scott Nichollas Dr Stinear Email Nichollas Research Fellow
Seemann Torsten A/Prof MDU Email Torsten Associate Professor Bioinformatics
Sedgwick Alexander Mr Barrow Email Alexander Masters Student
Selva Kevin Dr Kent Email Kevin Research Assistant
Sen Melodi Gizem Ms MDU Email Melodi Technical Officer
Senthil Kirthana Ms Mueller Email Kirthana PhD Graduate Researcher
Seow Justine Ms Mackay Email Justine PhD Graduate Researcher
Sexton-Oates Nicola Ms Stinear Email Nicola MDRP Student
Shaw Jacob Mr MDU Email Jacob Technical Assistant
Sheikh Amania Dr Utzschneider Email Amania Research Officer
Sherry Norelle Ms Howden Email Norelle PhD Graduate Researcher
Shi Mai Ms McCluskey Email Mai Masters Student
Sharkey Liam Dr Stinear Email Liam Research Officer
Sheikh Jabbari Jafar Dr MDU Email Jafar Senior Scientist- MDDI
Singgih Kezia Ms Godfrey Email Kezia PhD Graduate Researcher
Siryi Wendy Ms MDU Email Wendy Epidemiology / Biological Specimen Reception & General Administration
Skinner Ollie Dr Haque Email Ollie Research Officer
Sloggett Clare Dr MDU Email Clare Senior Bioinformatician
Smibert Olivia Dr Howden Email Olivia PhD Graduate Researcher
Smith Monique Ms Subbarao Email Monique Research Assistant
Smith Timothy Mr Purcell Email Tim Research Assistant
Soh Yu May Dr Teaching Email Yu May Education Designer
Soley Jake Mr Howden Email Jake PhD Graduate Researcher
Soliman Caroline Dr Godfrey Email Caroline Research Officer
Somuncuoglu Nazli Ms McCluskey Email Nazli Masters Student
Sotheran Emily Ms Howden Email Emily PhD Graduate Researcher
Soumilas Maree Ms MDU Email Maree Technical Assistant
Souter Michael Mr McCluskey Email Michael Research Officer
Spring Ilknur Ms Villadangos Email Ilknur PhD Graduate Researcher
Stankovic Sanda Dr Brooks Email Sanda Research Officer
Steinig Eike Mr Coin Email Eike Research Officer
Stevens Kerrie Ms MDU Email Kerrie RUPR
Stevens Mikou   Mackenzie Email Milou Masters Student
Stinear Tim Prof Stinear Email Tim Professor
Stroehlein Andreas   MDU Email Andreas Bioinformatician
Su Chun-Hsi   Kallies Email Chun-Hsi Masters Student
Subasinghe Nela Ms MDU Email Nela FEOR
Sun Yuhan Mr Barrow Email Yuhan Masters Student
Taheri Marziyeh   McCluskey Email Marziyeh PhD Graduate Researcher
Tahir Hamza Mr Scott Email Hamza PhD Graduate Researcher
Tan Abigail Ms Kent Email Abigail Research Assistant
Tan Aimee Dr McDevitt Email Aimee Research Fellow
Tan Hyon-Xhi Mr Kent Email Hyon-Xhi Research Officer
Tan Jiang-Li Dr Teaching - Academic Email Jiang-Li Education Instructional Designer
Tan Mun Hua Dr Day/Duffy Email Mun Hua Research Officer
Tan Sher Maine Ms Howden Email Sher Maine PhD Graduate Researcher
Tan Shirley Ms Brooks Email Shirley PhD Graduate Researcher
Tang Caolingzhi Ms Mackenzie Email Caolingzhi PhD Graduate Researcher
Tang Kevin Mr Londrigan Email Kevin PhD Graduate Researcher
Tarasova ilariya Ms Schroeder Email ilariya Research Officer
Tawil Samantha Ms MDU Email Samantha RUPR
Tay John Mr Davies Email John Masters Student
Taylor Cathy Ms MDU Email Cathy Quality
Taylor Nicole Ms Purcell Email Nicole Masters Student
Tellefson Patrick Mr Howden Email Patrick Undergraduate
ten Berge Ellen Ms Kedzierska Email Ellen Masters Student
Tessema Melkamu Mr Brooks Email Melkamu PhD Graduate Researcher
Thakur Samriddhi Ms Newton Email Samriddhi PhD Graduate Researcher
Thiem Manja Ms Strugnell Email ManjaPhD Graduate Researcher
Thomas David Dr Newton Email David Research Officer
Thwe Chaw Ms Davies Email Chaw Masters Student
Tiedje Kathryn Dr Day/Duffy Email Kathryn Research Fellow
Tkalec Kristian Mr Scott Email Kristian PhD Graduate Researcher
Todd Angela Mrs MDU Email Angela Senior Scientist - MDDI
Torresi Joe Prof Torresi Email Joe Honorary Professor
Trajcevska Elizabeth Mrs MPU Email Elizabeth Technical Officer (Supervisor)
Tran Yen Ms MDU Email Yen Data Entry & Administrative Assistant
Trenerry Alice Dr Mackenzie Email Alice Research Officer
Trevizan Pedro Mr Mueller Email Pedro Research Assistant
Tribolet Leon Dr Valkenburg Email Leon Research Officer
Trieu Chi Dr Kent Email Chi Guest
Tsui Carlson Dr Kallies Email Carlson Research Officer
Turner Adrianna Ms Howden Email Adrianna PhD Graduate Researcher
Turner Annabelle Ms MDU Email Annabelle Epidemiologist
Uldrich Adam Dr Godfrey Email Adam Research Officer
Uthanumallian Kavitha   Davies Email Kavitha Research Officer
Utomo Muhammad Mr Pidot Email Muhammad PhD Student
Utzschneider Daniel Dr Utzschneider Email Daniel Research Fellow
Valcanis Mary Ms MDU Email Mary Enterics
Valencia Hernandez Ana Maria Ms McCluskey Email Ana Research Officer
Valle Torres Santiago Mr Kallies Email Santiago PhD Graduate Researcher
Vescio Lina Ms MPU Email Lina Laboratory Assistant
Viberg Linda Dr MDU Email Linda Technical Officer (MDDI)
Villadangos Jose Prof Villadangos Email Jose Professor
Villalon Letelier Fernando Mr Brooks Email Fernando PhD Graduate Researcher
Vincent Jon   Kallies Email Jon Research Assistant
Virani Altaf Mr Day Email Altaf Masters Student
Vu Mai Ms Kent Email Mai Visiting PhD Graduate Researcher
Wade Alastair Mr MPU Email Alastair Laboratory Assistant
Wagner Teagan Ms Gebhardt Email Teagan Research Assistant
Wakim Linda A/Prof Wakim Email Linda Associate Professor
Waller Karena Prof Teaching - Academic Email Karena Professor
Walpola Hasini Mrs MDU Email Hasini Scientist - Centre for Pathogen Genomics
Walsh Calum Dr Stinear Email Calum Research Officer
Wang Huimeng Dr McCluskey Email Huimeng Research Officer
Wang Mingyang Dr Subbarao Email Mingyang Research Assistant
Wang Nancy Dr Strugnell Email Nancy Research Fellow
Wang Ruike   McCluskey Email Ruike PhD Graduate Researcher
Ware Lauren Ms Brooks Email Lauren Masters Student
Watt Anne Dr MDU Email Anne Genomic Epidemiologist
Webb Jessica Dr Howden Email Jessica Research Fellow
Webster Phoebe Ms MDU Email Phoebe Technical Assistant
Webster Rosela Ms Kent Email Rosela Research Officer
Welch Jessica Dr Teaching - Academic Email Jessica Lecturer  - Microbiology
Wen Lifen   Kallies Email Lifen PhD Graduate Researcher
Wheatley Adam Dr Kent Email Adam Research Officer
Wick Ryan Ms Stinear Email Ryan Research Officer
Wijburg Odilia A/Prof Teaching Email Odilia Head of Teaching
Wijesinghe Sharanya Ms Kallies Email Sharanya PhD Graduate Researcher
Wilksch Jonathan Dr McDevitt Email Jonathan Research Officer
Wille Michelle Dr Howden Email Jonathan Senior Research Officer
Williams Cameron Mr Haque Email Cameron PhD Graduate Researcher
Wilmot Mathilda Ms MDU Email Mathilda Epidemiologist
Wilson Kayla Ms Bedoui Email Kayla Research Officer
Wirth Oscar Mr Mueller Email Oscar Masters Student
Wirth Wytamma Dr Seemann Email Wytamma MDU PHL
Wong Chinn Ms Jackson Email Chinn Research Assistant
Wood Sharon Ms Coin Email Sharon Research Manager
Xia Yongyan Ms Brooks Email Yongyan PhD Graduate Researcher
Xu Calvin Mr Godfrey Email Calvin PhD Graduate Researcher
Yaftiyan Atefeh Ms Villadangos Email Atefeh PhD Graduate Researcher
Yang Kang   McCluskey Email Kang Masters Student
Yang Zhuyuan Ms Godfrey Email Atefeh Undergraduate Student
Yap Ashley Ms Torresi Email Ashley Research Assistant
Yapa Lankesha   Flow Cytometry Email Lankesha Flow Cytometry Operator
Vargas Pavia Tania Ms Brooks Email Tania PhD Graduate Researcher
Yek Kai Qi Ms Newton Email Kai Qi PhD Graduate Researcher
Yi Ng Wei   Heath Email Wei PhD Graduate Researcher
Young Heather   MDU Email Heather Technical Officer
Zamudio Natasha Dr Mueller/
Email Natasha Research Officer
Zavan Lauren Dr McDevitt Email Lauren Research Officer
Zaw Yadana Ms Purcell Email Yadana PhD Graduate Researcher
Zendejas-Heredia Patsy Ms Teaching Email Patsy MIIM30017 casual prac staff
Zeng Weiguang Dr Jackson Email Weiguang Senior Research Officer
Zhang Heran Ms Wakim Email Heran Masters Student
Zhang Josh Mr MDU Email Josh Bioinformatician
Zhang Tina Ms Godfrey Email Tina PhD Student
Zhang Wuji Mr Kedzierska Email Wuji PhD Graduate Researcher
Zhang Xiaoyue Ms Villadangos Email Yuchen PhD Graduate Researcher
Zheng Mitchell Mr Kent Email Mitchell Research Officer
Zhou Yuchen Mr McCluskey Email Mitchell Masters Student
Zhu Tianyuan Mr McCluskey Email Tianyuan Masters Student
Zoest Veronica Ms Kent Email Veronica PhD Graduate Researcher
Zupan Marina Ms McDevitt Email Marina PhD Graduate Researcher
Zufan Sara Ms Howden Email Sara PhD Graduate Researcher