Mackenzie laboratory: Intracellular virus replication and innate immunity

Research Overview

Our overall objectives are to investigate and unravel the replication mechanism of two positive-stranded RNA viruses (West Nile virus [a flavivirus] and Mouse Norovirus [a Norovirus]) that are highly pathogenic to humans and cause outbreaks of encephalitis and gastroenteritis. Our aims are to determine how and where these viruses replicate within infected cells and what host components/organelles are "used and abused" by the virus. We aim to correlate this abuse of host with the pathogenic outcomes associated with viral infection. In conjunction with these studies we are investigating how viruses can evade our immune system and in particular how viruses can bypass the antiviral activities of our first line of defence; the innate immune system.


Katelyn Charry, MSc Student
Joshua Deerain, PhD Student
Nathan Kenney, PhD Student
Jessica Ross, MSc Student
Shuoshuo Tian, MSc Student
Alice Trenerry, PhD Student