Bedoui laboratory: Innate and adaptive interactions in immunity to infection

Research Overview

The Bedoui Lab uses models of viral and bacterial infection to study how the innate and the adaptive immune system interact. Key foci are to understand how innate cells sense pathogens and how this information is integrated into protective adaptive T cell responses.


Dr Annabell Bachem, Research Officer
Mrs Michele Clarke, Research Assistant
Mr Sven Engel, PhD Graduate Researcher
Dr Elise Gressier, Research Officer
Dr Marie Greyer, Research Officer
Ms Ariane Lee, PhD Graduate Researcher
Mr Michael Wilson, Casual


Professor Thomas Gebhardt, DMI
Professor Dick Strugnell, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, UoM
Professor Malcolm Mcconville, Bio21, UoM
Professor Stephen Turner, Monash University
Professor Paul Hertzog, Monash University
Professor David Tscharke, Australian National University  
Professor Wolfgang Kastenmueller, University of Bonn, Germany


German Research Council
University of Melbourne

Research Publications

For a comprehensive listing of Associate Professor Sammy Bedoui's publications.