Kallies laboratory: Molecular immunology

Research Overview

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The Kallies lab studies the molecular control of lymphocyte differentiation in response to antigen. The lab focuses on the roles of transcription factors and cytokines in differentiation, clonal expansion and cellular metabolism of lymphocytes. More recently, the Kallies lab has developed a particular focus on the transcriptional control and cellular metabolism of lymphocytes residing in non-lymphoid tissue, including tumours. The lab develops and applies genetic and molecular approaches, including novel reporter mouse strains, metabolic techniques, transcriptional profiling, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and accessible chromatin (ATAC) sequencing.


Renee Gloury, Research Assistant

Dr Patrick Gubser, Reseach Officer

Dr Kevin Man, Research Officer

Teisha Mason, Research Support Officer

Dr Carlson Tsui, Research Officer

Santiago Valle Torres, PhD Graduate Researcher

Dr Daniel Utzschneider, Research Officer

Sharanya Wijesinghe, PhD Graduate Researcher


Professor Laura Mackay (University of Melbourne)

Professor Thomas Gebhardt (University of Melbourne)

Professor Sammy Bedoui (University of Melbourne)

Dr Wei Shi (The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)

Professor Stephen Nutt (The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)

Dr Nick Huntington (The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)

Professor Mark Febbraio (Monash University)

Professor Michaela Lucas (University of Western Australia)

Professor Tony Tiganis (Peter McCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne)

Professor Dietmar Zehn (Technical University Munich)

Professor Thomas Korn (Technical University Munich)

Dr Marc Beyer (University of Bonn)

Dr Isis Ludwig-Portugall (University of Bonn)


2018-2023 NHMRC Research Fellowship. Transcriptional and metabolic regulation of effector and memory lymphocyte differentiation. A Kallies.

2018-2021 NHMRC Project Grant. Molecular pathways that control differentiation and function of tissue-resident memory T cells. A Kallies and L Mackay.

2018-2021 NHMRC A*Star Joint Call for Research. Protective mechanisms of map kinase phosphatase 5 in adipose tissue fibrosis, hepatic steatosis and atherosclerosis. A Kallies and Y Zhang.

Research Opportunities

This research project is available to PhD students, Honours students, Post Doctor Researchers to join as part of their thesis.
Please contact the Research Group Leader to discuss your options.