Brooks laboratory: Innate immunity; anti-viral immunity

Research Overview

Research in the Brooks' laboratory examines how diverse arms of the immune system are integrated to provide effective anti-viral immunity, spanning NK and T cell biology, soluble innate proteins and receptors involved in viral entry.

Major Research Projects

  1. NK cell receptors and their ligands on target cells
  2. The function of non classical MHC class I molecules
  3. The role of soluble innate receptors in respiratory infections
  4. Characterisation of HSV-1 specific CD4+ T cells and their migration
  5. Viral entry into cells and infection of macrophages


Ms Shinta Dewi, PhD
Ms Leah Gillespie, RA
Mr Chris Harpur, PhD
Dr Jie Lin, RO
Dr Sarah Londrigan, SRO
Dr Joel Ma, RO
Miss Wy Ching Ng, PhD
Dr Geraldine O'Connor, RO
Dr Angela Pizzolla, RO
A/Prof Patrick Reading, Associate Professor
Dr Philippa Saunders, RO
Dr Sanda Stankovic, RO
Dr Lucy Sullivan, SRF
Miss Jacqueline Widjaja, RA
Shu Cheng Wong, PhD

photo of Brooks lab personnel

Figure 1: The Brooks Lab: Back row (left to right): Sonya Hubbard, Darryl Johnson, Philippa Saunders, Chris Harpur, Sanda Stankovic, Sarah Londrigan, Andrew Brooks; Front row: Wy Ching Ng, Jie Lin, Shinta Dewi, Emma Job, Lucy Sullivan, Jacqueline Widjaja, Patrick Reading