Delineating how CD4 T cells ‘help’ establishing effective killer T cell responses

Project Details

Resolution of virus infections relies on the orchestrated activation of dendritic cells (DC), CD4 T cells and killer T cells. We have known for some time that CD4 T cells contribute to killer T cell immunity, but how CD4 T cells, DC and killers interact in vivo is still unclear. Using a model of peripheral virus infection, we found that CD4 T cells contributed to CTL immunity by amplifying the IFN-α/β-induced provision of IL-15 by DC to CTL. Building upon these novel findings, we are currently dissecting the molecular mechanisms.


Research Group

Bedoui laboratory: Innate and adaptive interactions in immunity to infection

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Infection and Immunology

School Research Themes

Infection & Immunity, Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

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Microbiology and Immunology

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