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Humans 2.0 (Volume 1, Issue 1) is now published! With articles on the Humans 2.0 conference, viral Haikus and much more. Click on the button to read everything on the implications of emerging technologies.

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Humans 2.0 is a student-led, peer-reviewed journal bringing together the diverse works of undergraduate students through the examination of scientific innovation and its place in society and culture.

The journal curates a series of works by undergraduate students at the University of Melbourne that explore the intersections between science and humanity. Works can be reflective or analytical and may be communicated through a variety of media including essays and contextualised art pieces.


The journal is founded on the principle of interdisciplinarity; the integration of perspectives from biomedicine, science, humanities, and the arts to produce novel takes on complex issues. We believe that interdisciplinarity can equip society with the ability to overcome the challenges of the future.


This exciting new opportunity helps undergraduate students at the University of Melbourne to workshop and discuss their ideas as part of a passionate community. You could be published in a real academic journal before you graduate!

Do you have a new idea that you want to tell the world about? Or maybe a new way of looking at a contentious problem? Perhaps you want to connect with other like-minded students and create a collaborative project?

Then Humans 2.0 is the community for you!