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The Stojanovski Lab is working as part of a global effort to understand the inner workings of one of the cells most intriguing and important organelles, the Mitochondrion (Figure 1).

Mitochondria are essential compartments in all of our cells involved in the generation of ATP, the energy currency of life. Mitochondria also serve as sensor for multiple metabolic functions and are key players in health and disease. Organelle dysfunction is linked to diseases, including cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease; and numerous intracellular pathogens often target proteins to mitochondria to modulate the function of the organelle.

Mitochondria cannot be created de novo and are created through a process of biogenesis and division. This genesis requires the coordinated synthesis and assembly of both proteins and lipids that make up the organelle.

Our research aims to:

  1. understand the machineries and mechanisms that drive mitochondrial protein biogenesis in human cells;
  2. investigate the link between defects in mitochondrial protein biogenesis and human disease, and
  3. uncover how pathogens modulate mitochondrial function through the targeting of effector proteins to the organelle.

photomicrograph showing mitochondria

Figure 1: Mitochondria in a HeLa cell (shown in yellow) radiate out from the nucleus (shown in blue) and form a reticular network.


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    Dr Diana Stojanovski

    Head of Laboratory

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    Dr Catherine Palmer

    Research Fellow

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    Thomas Jackson

    PhD Student

  • Florence Yek
    Kai Qi (Florence) Yek

    PhD Student

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    Alexander Anderson
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      Jordan Crameri 

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        Megan Baker

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      Lillian Ma

      Masters Student


    Stojanovkski Lab Group

    Stojanovski Laboratory Group, 2022


Dr Hayley Newton, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Doherty Institute, The University of Melbourne


ARC Discovery Project (Funding 2017-2019): Understanding mitochondrial biogenesis in mammalian cells.

Research Publications

Complete listing of Dr Diana Stojanovski' publications.

Dr Diana Stojanovski - Google Scholar

  • Holloway G, Jognson RI, Kang Y, Dang VT, Stojanovski D, Coulson BS.  Rotavirus NSP6 localizes to mitochondria via a predicted N-terminal α-helix. J Gen Vir 2015 (Accepted 19 September 2015).
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    *corresponding author
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    *corresponding author
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    *equally contributing
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    *equally contributing
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Book Chapters

  • Stojanovski D, Bohnert M, Pfanner N, van der Laan M.  Mechanisms of Protein Sorting in Mitochondria. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology 2012; 4 (10).
  • Stojanovski D, Pfanner N, Wiedemann N.  Protein import into mitochondria. Meth Cell Biol 2007; 80: 783-806.

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