Discovering and characterizing new genes involved in innate immunity, tissue injury and fibrosis

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Monocytes, macrophages and neutrophils are abundant circulating cells responsible for tissue homeostasis and early defence against infectious disease. We have described the networks of genes activated in the acute phase of human monocytes and macrophages in response to a variety of infectious agents. We have comprehensively catalogued the transcript initiation sites of the myeloid transcriptome as part of the international FANTOM5 consortium, including noncoding transcripts such as enhancer-associated eRNAs and miRNAs. Ongoing work in the laboratory is aimed at understanding the role of transcriptional regulators in diversifying phenotypes of activated monocytes and macrophages.


Suzanne Butcher, PhD student


FANTOM Consortium (RIKEN Japan)
Professor Mark Walker, University of Queensland
Associate Professor Mikael Boden, University of Queensland
Professor Michael Rehli, University Hospital, Regensburg, Germany
Dr Ruaidhri Carmody, University of Glasgow


NHMRC Project Grant (2016-17): "The C-type lectin Mincle exemplifies a new mode of sterile inflammation in cardiovascular disease"

ARC Future Fellowship (2015-19): "The Systems Biology of Stem Cells"

Research Publications

  • Huang, E and Wells CA. The ground-state of innate immune responsiveness is determined at the interface of genetic, epigenetic and environmental influences. The Journal of Immunology 2014; 193(1):13-9.
  • Andersson R and the FANTOM5 consortium An atlas of active enhancers across human cell types and tissues Nature 2014; 507 (7493): 455-461.
  • Forrest ARR, The FANTOM5 consortium. A promoter-level mammalian expression atlas. Nature 2014; 507: 462-470.

Research Group

Wells laboratory: Stem cell systems

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Infection and Immunology

School Research Themes

Cell Signalling, Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

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Anatomy and Physiology

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