NHMRC Ideas Grants success for Biochemistry & Pharmacology researchers

Take a look at some of the innovative ideas and projects in DBP that have been awarded funding.

Congratulations to Assoc Prof Peter Crouch, Prof Stuart Ralph and Prof Leann Tilley who have all received a highly competitive Ideas Grant.

A/Prof Peter Crouch, Head of Neurodegenerative Disease Lab

Peter has had two projects funded – both related to degenerative diseases of the central nervous system – motor neuron disease and multiple sclerosis.

People afflicted with these diseases suffer debilitating symptoms and die prematurely. Our research is designed to explain fundamental mechanisms of disease and verify activity of new drug candidates.

The ultimate goal is to slow the progression of disease in those diagnosed - and improve quality of life.

Professor Leann Tilley, Head of Tilly Lab

Project: Hijacking enzymes that charge tRNAs: a new strategy for development of anti-malarials

Early career researcher, Stanley Xie, worked with Leann Tilley and other colleagues to discover new drug-like molecules, called “nukes” that can be tuned to make the malaria parasite self-destruct.

This latest NHMRC Ideas Grant funding will allow the team to develop a new class of reaction-hijacking inhibitors that have exciting applications in malaria and other infectious diseases - including infections with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

"The grant is an incredible testament to the research team who have been working on the project for the past few years - this opportunity will encourage international collaborations to underpin drug discovery efforts," Leann says.

It will pave the way for new treatments that are desperately needed to treat drug-resistant malaria parasites and other infectious diseases. And contribute to alleviating the health burden on the world’s poorest communities.