Biomedicine Graduate Pathways

The Bachelor of Biomedicine provides a supportive environment which allows students to realise their potential and work towards their long term goals. Graduates from this degree have a high rate of success in gaining entry to a diverse range of competitive graduate courses.

What do our students do after graduating?

The majority of Biomedicine students go onto further studies after graduation, with over 70% continuing on at the University of Melbourne. More than 80% of graduate courses commended by Biomed Alumni are in a health related field.

However with over 100 different courses commenced by Biomed Alumni there is a diverse range of options available to you. The top pathways include an Honours year, Medicine, Dentistry, Research Training Degree in a Health/Biomedical Science field, Optometry, Engineering and Public Health.

Graph of Unimelb Courses commenced by Biomedicine Alumni

Biomedicine Graduate Pathways

This report shows all University of Melbourne courses commenced by Biomedicine Alumni within 12 months of graduating.

Biomedicine All Graduate Pathways

This report shows all University of Melbourne courses commenced by Biomedicine Alumni. Some students will be represented more than once if they commenced more than one graduate course. For example a student that completed the Master of Biomedical Science may also progress onto a PhD/Master of Philosophy within MDHS.

Honours in Biomedicine

Honours is a fourth-year program which advances your technical sophistication and aptitude for independent research, providing you with a platform toward clinical pathways, further research or a higher degree including the Doctor of Medicine. Enrol directly into real world, cutting edge research under the supervision of renowned experts.

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Need Further Advice?

Thinking about further graduate studies but not sure where to start? Why not attend the activities/information sessions specially designed to help you explore your postgraduate study and career options in the health arena.

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