Biomedicine Graduate Pathways

The Bachelor of Biomedicine provides a supportive environment which allows students to realise their potential and work towards their long term goals, and graduates from this degree have a high rate of success in gaining entry to a diverse range of competitive postgraduate courses. Bachelor of Biomedicine students also receive ongoing support and advice throughout their degree from the the University Health Hub in planning their future pathways.

What do our students do after graduating?

Graduates from the Bachelor of Biomedicine have a diverse range of options to choose from. Within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences students have a range of graduate pathways including:

In addition, graduates can select from a range of disciplines in other faculties such as

Alternatively, you may choose to enter the workforce immediately after graduating. The Bachelor of Biomedicine's comprehensive content provides students with the skills necessary for a diverse range of careers.

Biomedicine Graduate Pathways Report

Graduate Pathways Advising at the Health Hub

Thinking about further graduate studies but not sure where to start? Why not attend the activities/information sessions specially designed to help you explore your postgraduate study and career options in the health arena.

Information Sessions