Norovirus replication and innate immunity

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Previous work has shown that innate immune response is vital to norovirus pathogenesis. Thus we aim to further examine the interaction between the virus and the host with particular focus on the signalling pathway components leading to IFN activation or more importantly subversion/inhibition by viral components. We have utilised cell lines deficient in several key Interferon pathway receptors/components to further elucidate their role in host response to infection. We have observed that MNV1 can subvert both intracellular recognition of virus replication and downstream signalling and activation of the immune response, mediated via type 1 interferon. We are currently investigating the precise mechanisms that mediate virus evasion, particularly the roles of the individual viral proteins.


Mr Ben Cotton (PhD Student)


Paul Hertzog, Brian Williams & Ashley Mansell (Monash Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne) Peter White (University of NSW, Sydney) and Skip Virgin (Washington University School of Medicine, USA)

Research Group

Mackenzie laboratory: Intracellular virus replication and innate immunity

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Infection and Immunology

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Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

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Microbiology and Immunology

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