Hogan laboratory: Vascular developmental genetics and cell biology

Research Overview

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In the Hogan lab, researchers investigate the development of lymphatic vasculature and the blood brain barrier, which play important roles in the metastatic spread of cancer.

Specifically, we aim to:

  1. Characterise signalling and transcriptional mechanisms that control lymphangiogenesis using studies in zebrafish and mice.
  2. Discover genes and mechanisms essential for development of the blood brain barrier using zebrafish genetics.
  3. Develop imaging methods to visualise signalling in real time during tissue morphogenesis.
  4. Model cellular pathologies of vasculature in cancer and vascular disease.


Dr Neil Bower, Postdoc (external)

Dr Elizabeth Mason, Postdoc, Computational Biologist

Dr Kazuhide Okuda , Postdoc

Lin Grimm, Postdoc

Scott Paterson, Research Assistant, Laboratory Manager

Maria Rondon-Galeano, Research Assistant

Research Opportunities

This research project is available to PhD students, Honours students to join as part of their thesis.
Please contact the Research Group Leader to discuss your options.