As well as offering a full professional histology service, the Melbourne Histology Platform can provide full training in the required histological techniques, which researchers can then perform using the equipment and facilities available on a pay-for-use basis. We work in collaboration with key University microscopy services including the Biological Optical Microscopy Platform and the BioSciencesMicroscopy Unit.

Preparing a slide


We perform a range of core and advanced histology procedures including:

  • Paraffin and frozen tissue embedding
  • Paraffin, cryo-and vibro-microtome tissue sectioning
  • Automated haematoxylin and eosin staining
  • Routine and special staining including silver stains
  • Antibody labelling/immunohistochemistry
  • Sectioning and staining of a range of tissues including human, rodent, insect, plant and sea anenomes

Our technical staff have over 30 years’ combined experience in routine and specialised histology techniques.

Histology cross section image


  • Sakura Tissue Tek paraffin processor (staff operated)
  • Sakura Tissue Tek paraffin embedders
  • Microm paraffin microtomes
  • Leica CM1900 cryostat
  • Leica CM1860 cryostat
  • Leica VT1000 S vibrating blade microtome
  • Leica autostainer XL and coverslipper (staff operated)
  • Dako Link 48 automated immunostainer (staff operated)
  • Primera slide printer
  • Pulsar cassette printer