Introductory tour of UoM histology, histopathology & microscopy platforms

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Chris Freelance

Many biology and biomedicine research projects rely on looking at how cells, tissues or molecules change in response to pathological or natural processes. There are many techniques for detecting and observing these changes and it can be confusing to know how to choose which one is best and how to perform the required techniques. This is where the University's Research Platforms can help.

The Melbourne Histology Platform offers a full range of histological services, from advice on how to design tissue preparation, processing and staining techniques into your experiment right through to performing the techniques for you. MHP also provides training in how to perform tissue sectioning and staining techniques (including immunohistochemistry) yourself using our equipment and staining facilities.

The Australian Phenomics Network Histopathology service is a national resource for systematic evaluation of experimental mice at all developmental stages. It provides Necropsy, Histopathology & Slide Scanning Servicesto biomedical researchers across Australia. The specialist services are delivered by a team of experienced medical and veterinary pathologists, and mouse pathobiologists.

The Biological Optical Microscopy Platform hosts a range of fluorescence microscopes (e.g. confocal, super-resolution, lightsheet, high content imaging) for imaging stained tissue or live cell preparations; as well as a range of image analysis tools. BOMP provides advice on what microscopy researchers need along with full training in use of the relevant instruments, as well as providing advice and training in image analysis techniques.

During our 30 min introduction session aimed at new research staff and students (or those unfamiliar with or interested in our platforms), you will receive a tour of MHP, APN Histopathology and one of BOMP's microscope rooms, followed by a brief interactive overview of what each Platform has to offer that may be of assistance to your research.

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