iLab live for all requests and bookings

From 1st November 2020, iLab is being used for all service requests and equipment bookings for the Melbourne Histology Platform (MHP).

On Friday 30th October 2020, the old Google calendar used for booking MHP equipment was taken out of service, meaning that all equipment (paraffin embedder, paraffin microtomes, cryostats, vibratome) and spaces (staining area, immunostaining area, fumehood for tissue freezing) bookings are migrated to the iLab system.

All service requests (including automated H&E staining and paraffin processing/embedding) must also be submitted through iLab.

Supervisors/lab heads/principal investigators need to register for an iLab account before their researchers register, as supervisors will need to approve requests to join their group in iLab. Instructions for lab heads/PIs to register are included in the Quick Reference Guide for lab heads/PIs, and instructions for users to register are included in the QRG for researchers.

From Monday 30th November, service requests or equipment bookings will not be able to be submitted unless financial information is provided at the time of submission/booking (Themis account string for University of Melbourne users, purchase order number for external/non-UoM users). Lab heads/PIs can find information about assigning financial information to researchers in iLab in the QRG for lab heads/PIs.

As additional QRGs are developed that are specific to the MHP iLab site, they will be made available on the Booking System page of the MHP website.

Any queries about or issues encountered with registering for iLab or using the MHP iLab site should be directed to Chris in the first instance.