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The iLab booking system

Screenshot of the landing page of the MHP iLab booking system

From October 2020, the Melbourne Histology Platform is using an iLab booking system. This system manages all equipment bookings for trained users, as well as requests for quotes, consultation, training and service provision.

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Important points

  • Supervisors/lab heads must register for an iLab account prior to their researchers/lab members registering for iLab. Registration instructions can be found in the Quick Reference Guides below.
  • From Monday 7th December 2020, it will be mandatory to provide financial information for billing when submitting service requests or making an instrument reservation. This information is a valid Themis string for University of Melbourne users, or a purchase order number for external users.
  • On Saturday 1st May 2021, iLab financial integration with Themis was completed. Principal investigators are no longer able to manually add a Themis string to iLab. If a UoM PI wants to to pay for services booked through iLab using a Themis string that is not available to them in iLab, they can submit a ServiceNow request to have the string made available.

Quick reference guides

The Quick Reference Guides provide an overview of how to perform tasks in the Booking System, including registering for an account, submitting requests and booking resources.

For Principal Investigators/Laboratory heads: this guide contains information for laboratory heads who need to manage Platform usage by their lab members or manage financial information. This QRG also provides instructions on how to delegate the 'Lab Manager' responsibility to one of your lab members.

For Researchers: this guide contains information for researchers who use the platform.

FAQs: this guide answers frequently asked questions about using the iLab booking system.

Requesting Services: this guide helps researchers to select which form to use to request the services they are seeking.

Seeking support

If answers to your questions about using the MHP booking system cannot be found in the Quick Reference Guides, please contact MHP staff for assistance.

Melbourne Histology Platform terms of access

The Melbourne Histology Platform is open to researchers from The University of Melbourne as well as researchers from other Australian universities or research institutions. Use of facilities or equipment is on a pay-for-use basis and is subject to the researcher first completing the relevant inductions and training with the Platform staff.

The Melbourne Histology Platform endeavours to provide the highest quality service that it can within its control, however the Platform bears no responsibility for unforeseen circumstances and/or the final product.
Work is accepted on every weekday (excluding University holidays or periods of staff absence/illness) and the work processed according to the date and time of receipt.
If clients request priority service, a $50.00 charge will apply.
Upon completion of work and/or at the end of the month, an invoice will be issued to clients and will include/be accompanied by an itemised service list. GST applies to all users who are external to the University of Melbourne.