TikTok pro tip: How to stop your glasses fogging up when wearing a mask!

Do you struggle to wear a face mask because your glasses keep fogging up? In this new TikTok, Associate Professor Quentin Fogg (no pun intended) teaches you how to breathe easy and keep your glasses clear while wearing a mask.

Do you find wearing a mask uncomfortable? Do masks fog up your glasses? With updates to Victoria’s Roadmap out of lockdown announced last weekend, we know that compulsory mask-wearing will remain for some time to help keep people safe. So, what can you do to make wearing a mask comfortable, even if you wear glasses?

Associate Professor Quentin Fogg demonstrates on TikTok how you can comfortably wear a mask to keep you and those around you safe. Find out his pro tips to stop your glasses misting up when wearing a face mask so that you can breathe easily, see clearly and stay safe.

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