TikTok challenge: anatomy hack

Georga Breuchert, PhD candidate in the School of Biomedical Sciences, explains the science behind a recent TikTok trend.

Do you know where the radius and ulna bones are? They are both in the forearm – and the trick to the TikTok challenge made famous by model and actress, Sarati, is to only rotate from your forearm, not your shoulder.

Watch now

“You need to isolate the movement of the radius – the bone on the side of your thumb. This bone will rotate over the ulna which is the bone on the little finger side,” Georga explains in the video.

Georga, a current clinical anatomy PhD student (Department of Anatomy & Physiology), shared her knowledge on the University’s TikTok platform after seeing many people fail at the challenge. The video received 120k+ views via Facebook and was seen by prospective students across Australia. It was also reposted by The Australasian Institute of Anatomical Sciences.

With thanks to Georga Breuchert (Our Star!); Ariande Zanella (Producer, MDHS Marketing & Communications); Lep Beljac (Production, University TikTok Channel) and SBS Marketing & Communications.