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Meet Sophie de Jersey – second year Biomedicine student who calls Ormond College home.

Relocating from far north Queensland to study at the University of Melbourne was a big deal for Sophie. Ultimately, it was UniMelb’s international standing in health sciences and location in the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct, amongst world leading research institutes, that really cemented her decision.

Sophie settled on Ormond College - a fully catered residential college of 500 students, with ease of access to all the University’s facilities, like the gym, sporting and cultural activities, libraries and coffee shops.

When I was looking at what each college offered, the size of Ormond was something that really appealed to me - I saw the large student population as an opportunity to meet lots of people from different backgrounds

Like a number of other Ormond students, Sophie has applied for and received financial support to attend College. It’s part of the Ormond community's commitment to keep the College accessible to the best students. There are a number of scholarships available as well as financial assistance packages.

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Sophie reflects now on the past two years: “Being so far away from family and friends especially during the pandemic was definitely challenging. But I learnt a lot about myself in this new environment – and watching Melbourne come out of lockdown and return to normal has been really exciting.” Sophie says.

Now Sophie plans to complete her undergraduate degree, study medicine and become a paediatric cardiologist. Read more about Sophie’s study journey here.

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