Life Beyond Biomedicine: Where will your degree take you?

Hear from Bachelor of Biomedicine alumni about their inspiring research and medicine career paths at the School's Career Webinar on 27 October.

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Tuesday 27 October

5pm - 6pm

Free virtual event

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Today, more than ever, experts in biomedical sciences are recognised for their vital role in protecting the health of society and advancing human health with new generations of treatments.

With this in mind, as you consider your next steps after completing the Bachelor of Biomedicine – you might wondering what is possible in 2021 and beyond?

Medicine and research are career paths many of our graduates pursue and in this session we talk with remarkable alumni who – like you – have studied at the School of Biomedical Sciences. Today they are working in the health sector as doctors and medical researchers and they will share:

  • What has driven them to pursue their individual career paths
  • An insight into their day-to-day working lives
  • Their passion for pursuing the next stage of their careers
  • Advice they would give to their younger selves with the benefit of hindsight
  • And much more.

This careers webinar will provide you with experience-driven insights into medicine and research in today’s health sector.

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Professor Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka

Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences

Jennifer was appointed Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences in August 2020. In the previous year, Jennifer became Head of the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience at the University of Melbourne following over 12 years in research and leadership roles at Monash University. These positions included Associate Dean Research (Central Clinical School) and Acting Head of the Department of Immunology and Pathology.

Jennifer has a longstanding research interest in the contribution of the renin-angiotensin aldosterone system to diabetic complications stemming from her time in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology (now Neuroscience) and Department of Physiology at the University of Melbourne. She currently heads a research laboratory in the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience that investigates vasoactive factors and the immune system in neovascular retinopathies with a view to developing new therapeutics for clinical translation.

Connect on Twitter @WIlkinsonBerka


Professor Megan Munsie 

Deputy Director of the Centre for Stem Cell Systems

Megan specialises in Ethics, Education and Policy in Stem Cell Science in the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience. She heads a research program in the ethical, legal and social implications of stem cell research at the University of Melbourne. As a trained developmental biologist, Megan combines her scientific expertise with a deep understanding of the ethical and regulatory considerations required to facilitate responsible research in stem cell science and its clinical translation.

For more than two decades Megan has been a leading member of the international stem cell research community. She has been instrumental in the development of ethical frameworks for the responsible use of human embryos in research, and more recently led efforts to reform Australian regulations in an effort to protect patients and curb the exploitative commercial provision of unproven stem cell interventions.

Connect with Stem Cells Australia on Twitter @StemCellsAus


Alexandre Guerin

Bachelor of Biomedicine alumni

Final year PhD candidate, University of Melbourne, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

After completing his Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours) investigating the role of dopamine receptors in developmental psychiatric disorders, Alexandre Guerin went on to start a PhD under the supervision of A/Prof Jee Kim, Prof Susan Rossell, and Prof Andrew Lawrence. His doctoral research focused on investigating the association between the age of onset of drug use, genetic factors, early life adversity and cognition in people with substance use disorders.  Alexandre recently started working at Orygen (Center for Youth Mental Health) on a suite of clinical trials investigating new pharmacological interventions to treat substance use disorders in young people.

Connect on twitter @alex_guerin13


Dr Tom Scodellaro

Bachelor of Biomedicine alumni

Anaesthetics Registrar, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Tom is an Anaesthetics Registrar at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. After completing the Bachelor of Biomedicine in 2012, he went onto study Medicine at the University of Melbourne. Tom’s work and studies have taken him around Australia and the world, complemented by experience in clinical research, health information technology and medical education.

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Dr Hui-Fern Koay (Fern)

Bachelor of Biomedicine alumni

NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow, Godfrey Laboratory, Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity

Fern is a NHMRC Early Career Fellow in the Doherty Institute, where her research focuses on the fundamental immunology of unconventional T cells. She undertook her Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne, including an honours project at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Following that, Fern completed her PhD studies with Prof Dale Godfrey, investigating the development and function of unconventional T cells. Fern is actively involved in scientific communication and outreach through the Day of Immunology programs; and is an advocate for early career representation and diversity in the university.

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