In the Media: highlights from Microbiology and Immunology June 2022

Our experts from the Dept of Microbiology & Immunology at the Peter Doherty Institute have been at the forefront of COVID-19 breakthrough research and media commentary. Catch up on the latest highlights here.

  • Dale Godfrey spoke with ABC News about the Doherty Institute’s RBD COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial and the future of COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Damian Purcell spoke to the Herald Sun about future COVID-19 variants.
  • Dick Strugnell and Mark Davies released a paper looking at the genomic epidemiology of typhoid fever in Fiji.
  • Joe Toressi and Kasha Singh wrote an explainer on Monkey Pox.
  • Katherine Kedzierska had a paper in Immunity which examined children’s immune response to COVID-19 and found that while they had an incredibly good adaptive immune response, their T cell count following infection sometimes wasn’t as high as adults. Their study supports vaccination in children.
  • Katherine Kedzierska, Louise Rowntree and Carolien van de Sandt published a paper looking at children’s T cell response following COVID-19 infection. Louise spoke with ABC News.
  • Scott Mueller’s recent discovery that T cells are present in the cornea following viral infections in the eye was written about by Nature News.
  • Stefano Giuleri, Tim Stinear and Ben Howden are releasing a paper on using genomics to track golden staph. Using high-resolution genome mapping of the ‘golden staph’ superbug, they have shown for the first time the full range of mutations these dangerous bacteria can employ to cause untreatable infections, holding great promise for improved diagnosis and targeted treatments for struggling patients and hospitals.