Event: Mutualism exhibition, 5–16 December

The exhibition, features artworks from SBS students, staff and alumni, and explores the relationship between visual art and science.

How can art help scientists to process their experiences? How do art and science inspire one another?

These questions form the foundation of Mutualism, an art exhibition that aims to recognise and celebrate how an affinity between the arts and the sciences can enrich thinking and approaches within each discipline.

The exhibition features visual artworks from students, staff and alumni across the University, including from within the School of Biomedical Sciences and Victorian Academy of the Arts.

Linocut artwork of a heart with the words

For participating artist and third year Bachelor of Biomedicine student, Camille Wiseman, her interest in art and major in bioengineering systems are interdependent and have become a source of inspiration for one another.

“As a student studying Biomedicine with a keen interest in art, I have constantly found myself using one to explain the other,” she says in her artist statement.

Her piece Study of Hands draws from her studies and experiences working at a prosthetics company, which sparked her curiosity and gave her an appreciation of the vital part our hands play in daily life.

Study of Hands by Camille Wiseman

“By performing dissections in labs that allowed me to see the inner workings of hands, I was drawn to create more artistic studies trying to explore their natural complexity.

“I have found that through creating these paintings I have noticed so many subtle characteristics that increased my understanding of the hand.”

Professor Gary Anderson, Director of the Lung Health Research Centre in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, also contributes to the exhibition with his piece Smoking Boys.

Smoking Boys by Professor Gary Anderson

Mutualism exhibition

When: 5–16 December

Where: Crypt Gallery, Good Shepherd Chapel, Abbotsford Convent

The opening night event on Friday 6 December included an address from Professor Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka, Head of the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience.

Art classes are running on Saturday 7 and Saturday 14 December.

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