Dr Mike Clark receives genome prize

Research group leader in the Dept of Anatomy & Physiology has been awarded the Lorne Genome Mid-Career Awards Prize.

Dr Mike Clark's laboratory in the Department of Anatomy & Physiology works at the intersection of genomics and neuroscience. His research group is focusing specifically on risk genes for neuropsychiatric disorders and novel applications of nanopore sequencing.

As part of receiving the Lorne Genome Mid-Career Award for his contributions to genomic research, Mike was given the opportunity for a platform presentation at the Lorne Genome Conference in February. His presentation focused on his group's RNA sequencing research. Read more here.

The Lorne Genome Mid-Career Award is one of a number of awards from the Lorne Genome Conference – Australia's foremost conference on the organisation and expression of the genome. It acknowledges outstanding contributions to Australian genomic research, including novel analytical concepts. Researchers are required to evidence the impact of their work,  including national and international standing.