$5.7m ARC funding success for SBS researchers

Congratulations to our researchers awarded Discovery Project grants in the recent funding round.

A total of 10 Discovery Projects have been funded across the School of Biomedical Sciences as part of the Australian Research Council's (ARC) announcement last week.

With a focus on investing in research to drive economic recovery, the Morrison Government is providing $255 million in university research as part of the plan to help drive Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19. Funding for a total of 591 research projects has been awarded to Australian researchers in the ARC’s Discovery Projects 2021, Round 1.

The Discovery Projects scheme aims expand the knowledge base and research capacity in Australia and support research that will provide economic, commercial, environmental, social and/or cultural benefits for Australia.

Our ARC Discovery Projects recipients in the School are:

Prof Ben HoganAnatomy & Neuroscience Neurovascular pericytes in development, cell-cell communication and brain regeneration
Prof Stuart Mazzone Anatomy & Neuroscience Investigating the somatosensory system of the vagus nerve and its role in regulating organ function
Prof Paul Gooley Biochemistry & Molecular Biology How do viral proteins do so much?
Prof Sammy Bedoui Microbiology & Immunology Why do cells have so many ways to die?
Dr Alexandra Corbett Microbiology & Immunology Understanding MAIT cell life and death
Prof Dale Godfrey Microbiology & Immunology Specificity and function of CD1c-lipid-restricted T cells
Prof Axel Kallies Microbiology & Immunology Understanding the development of effector regulatory T cells
Dr Nichollas Scott Microbiology and Immunology Characterising O-linked glycosylation across the Burkholderia genus
Prof Andrew Allen Physiology Novel chemogenetic approach
Prof Matthew Watt Physiology Deciphering new regulators of lipid metabolism: a focus on lipid droplets

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