$13m NHMRC Ideas Grants funding to advance human health

Gut feelings, malaria nukes and drug resistant bacteria –  here's the shortlist of innovative ideas and projects that have been funded across the School in NHMRC’s latest funding round.

At total of 14 research projects have been funded across the School’s three departments with Professor Jennifer-Wilkinson Berka, Head of School, welcoming the announcement.

This recognition from NHMRC is testament to the research expertise and collaboration across our School in what is a very competitive funding environment. Congratulations to all recipients and research teams involved.

Department of Anatomy & Physiology

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Dr Jessica Briffa

Size matters: ECM regulation in pregnancy success

Dr Garron Dodd

Reversing Neurofibrosis: A New Way to Treat Type-2 Diabetes

Assoc Prof Jenny Gunnersen

An accessible chronic pain therapeutic target in peripheral sensory nerves

Dr Marlene Hao

A gut feeling about new therapies for glioma treatment: lessons from the enteric nervous system

Prof Stuart Mazzone

A novel brain circuit inhibiting airway interoceptive processing

Prof Matthew Watt

New ways to treat fatty liver disease: a focus on lipid metabolism

Department of Biochemistry & Pharmacology

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Assoc Prof Peter Crouch

Improving CNS copper availability to mitigate permanent neurological disability in progressive cases of multiple sclerosis

Assoc Prof Peter Crouch

Muscle-directed gene therapy as an adjuvant to neuroprotection: Targeting both ends of the dysfunctional nerve-muscle axis to treat motor neurone disease

Prof Stuart Ralph

Does finite slowing of feeding cause artemisinin resistance in malaria?

Prof Leann Tilley

Hijacking enzymes that charge tRNAs: a new strategy for development of anti-malarials

Department of Microbiology & Immunology

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Dr Brendon Chua

A metabolic enzyme as a target for controlling tumourigenesis

Dr Abderrahman Hachani

Dissecting the intracellular lifestyle of lethal Staphylococcus aureus

Dr Sacha Pidot

A genomics-powered ultrahigh-throughput pipeline for rapid antibiotic discovery

Dr Nichollas Scott

Defining the roles of O-linked glycosylation on Burkholderia virulence