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The Department of Anatomy and Physiology delivers engaging, hands-on, student-centred learning.

If you are interested in the structure and function of the human body, you are in the right place. We will stand alongside you throughout your learning journey and share our deep knowledge and passion for Anatomy and Physiology with you every step of the way.

Jump on a stationary bike in the practical labs to learn how your body adapts to exercise. Explore human anatomy using prosected specimens and by dissection – developed from one of Australasia’s biggest and oldest Body Donor Programs. Learn the intricacies and wonder of how your 100 billion brain cells make you who you are, and dive deep inside the elaborate and complex world of our cellular biology.

With four majors to choose from and a wide range of exciting subjects, the Department of Anatomy and Physiology is committed to fostering your knowledge and enthusiasm of the human body to prepare you for your next steps. This might be medicine, allied health, research, sport science, industry or general wellness.

If you are interested in pursuing a higher degree in Anatomy and Physiology, we offer a wide range of opportunities for Honours and research higher degrees such as the Masters in Biomedical Science and PhDs .

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Our Teaching & Learning Specialists

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