Create a Subject Challenge

If you were to design a subject, what would it look like?

Students are asked this question as part of the Create a Subject Challenge. Fourteen teams dreamed up ideas for new subjects for the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS). The winning team will be invited to further develop their idea with teaching specialists into an actual application for a new subject in the school.

What is the Create a Subject Challenge?

The Challenge consists of three phases. In the first phase, each student team submits a subject idea for a new, exciting subject in the School of Biomedical Sciences. The shortlisted subject idea proposals will proceed to the second phase, where they will go through an online voting process by students and staff of the University of Melbourne.

The subject ideas with the highest votes will then move to the final phase of the selection process. Finalists will present their idea to a selection panel consisting of academics and students; it involves a 10-min presentation followed by a 10-min Q&A session. This event is scheduled after the exam period and before commencement of the second semester – see time frame below. If you would like to attend this (online) event on Monday 20 July (from 4pm-6pm), please let us know via

The winning team will have the opportunity to work (and get paid) as student co-creators with the School of Biomedical Sciences teaching specialists to further develop their subject idea. The end product will be a new subject proposal document for submission to the University’s Academic Board for consideration to become a subject available to future students. Student co-creators may be offered the opportunity to contribute to academic works (e.g., publications, conference presentations) arising from the co-creation process.

Time frame

Submission of ideas: deadline 28 May

Voting for ideas: 16 June – 10 July

Pitch ideas to jury: Monday 20 July, 4pm – 6pm

Co-creation workshops: Wednesday 22 July, 10am-2pm; Thursday 23 July, 10am-2pm

Who can participate?

Teams of 3 to 5 students were allowed to submit their ideas. Team members can be from any faculty/school of the University of Melbourne, but the subject idea proposed must be relevant to the field of biomedical science (see also the assessment criteria below).

Important resources for subject proposals

  • Assessment criteria

    The following six criteria will be used to assess the subject proposals:

    1. The title of the dream subject is engaging and informative (and is no more than 40 characters including spaces)
    2. The topics that will be covered in he new subject are clear and relevant to the field of biomedical science.
    3. At least one learning outcome is specified that clearly states what students should be able to do once they have completed the new subject.
    4. There is a clear and purposeful justification for creating the new subject. This should include a statement about the value that this subject will provide to students who take it and the value to the school in offering this subject.
    5. A brief description of the learning experiences that this subject will offer to students is provided.
    6. A brief description of the type(s) of assessment activities that will be part of this subject is provided.
  • Assessment criteria explained following an example

  • How to write learning outcomes

    This short guide provides practical advice on writing effective learning outcomes that align with subject objectives and professional competencies.

  • Tips on making a poster

    This document helps you design a poster that effectively conveys your idea.

  • Tips on pitching your idea and creating a video

    Pitching a proposal

    How do you persuade your audience? How do develop a convincing pitch? This page helps you to pitch your proposal.

    Presenting effectively

    This online module provides strategies to help you plan, organise and present, including tips on language, visual aids and presentation style.

    Video Production tips

    Learning Environments have prepared some pointers on how to record a great video using equipment you might already have in your pocket.

    Online presenting

    Virtual presentation skills are important if you want to effectively communicate your subject proposal in a video. This resource provides tips on presenting to camera, including voice and body language techniques to support your message and maximise the impact of your visuals.

The team behind the Challenge

The Create a Subject Challenge is organised by teaching specialists in the School of Biomedical Sciences and professional staff in Academic Skills. Read more on the research on the Create a Subject Challenge in the Plain Language Statement. You can find more information on the team members by clicking on their names or pictures.

Ger PostSaw Hoon LimJiang-Li TanDr Sophie Paquet-FifieldCharlotte ClarkMorag BurnieLogan Balavijendran

Ger PostDr Saw Hoon Lim, Dr Jiang-Li TanDr Sophie Paquet-Fifield, Dr Charlotte ClarkMorag BurnieLogan Balavijendran

If you have any questions regarding the Create a Subject Challenge you can contact Ger via