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Research Overview

Michelle received her BSc degree (Biology/Psychology double major) in 2003 from Brock University (Canada), followed by First Class Honours in Neuroscience in 2004. She then undertook a PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Alberta (Canada). After completion of her PhD in 2011, she moved the University of Newcastle (NSW) to work with Prof Robert Callister as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, and then undertook a position as Senior Lecturer in Human Anatomy at RMIT University (2015-2019). She was then recruited to the University of Melbourne in 2019 as a Topographical Anatomy teaching specialist.

Michelle is an enthusiastic and dedicated educator with an accomplished record of teaching achievements and a long track record of outstanding student evaluations. She has specialist educational expertise in neuroanatomy and musculoskeletal anatomy and is especially passionate about technology driven teaching for large (600+) cohorts of students. She uses novel and engaging techniques in her teaching practice, including digital anatomy resources such as virtual and augmented reality, and 3D anatomy apps, to enhance student learning and increase engagement. She is committed to excellence in anatomy education and providing an innovative and technology driven learning experience for all students.


Michelle Rank is interested in investigating the impact of digital anatomy teaching resources, such as virtual and augmented reality, on anatomy educational outcomes. Michelle is also interested in exploring how to introduce authentic assessment into large anatomy courses and how best to integrate high level anatomical knowledge into clinical training.

Current research interests

  • Does technology in the classroom enhance student understanding of anatomy?
  • How can we use technology best to increase student learning and apply anatomical concepts to a clinical setting?
  • Approaches the go beyond assessing ‘memorisation’ of anatomical structures and encourage students to create a functional understanding of human anatomy
  • Development of novel digital assessment techniques, and virtual/augmented reality resources for undergraduate and postgraduate clinical education


2018 Educational Engagement Award (RMIT University).

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Rank: Anatomy Education Scholarship

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