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Research Overview

Saw Hoon obtained her PhD from the University of Cambridge and is a plant molecular biologist by training, researching on rate limiting steps of the chlorophyll biosynthetic pathway and on flower pigmentation in orchids. As beautiful as orchids are, she finds the scholarship of teaching and learning even more captivating.  She started on her education-focused journey as an academic at Monash University, teaching large cohort biology and biomedical science students. With that experience, she is now a teaching specialist in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the School of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Melbourne.

Along with specialist knowledge, Saw Hoon strives to help students build the necessary skillsets for them to face and conquer their challenges in the classroom - and beyond. This includes the introduction of a wide variety of cooperative learning approaches for students to work effectively as individuals and in groups in an adaptable and flexible manner.  She is also keen on maximizing social inclusiveness in large classes to raise the quality of the learner experience using backchanneling methods. In addition, Saw Hoon is very interested in identifying and capitalising on teacher personality traits working on the best approach for quality teaching from the eyes of the learner.

Saw Hoon actively works towards improving the learning experience of students in the Biomedical Sciences with particular focus on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Current research interests

  • Social inclusion in large classes via the use of student response systems
  • The role of role-playing in determining how controversies arise in the biomedical world
  • Understanding teacher personalities for effective teaching in higher education
  • Online approaches for improving student learning methods and reflective practice.

Awards and prizes

Team award for first year biology team for exceptional service to the Faculty of Science, Monash University (2016)Special commendation mention in VC education awards (team award category), Monash University (2016).

Research Publications

Verkade H, Lim S-H. (2016) Undergraduate science students’ attitudes toward and approaches to scientific reading and writing. The Journal of College Science Teaching 45(4):83-89

Verkade H, and Lim S-H. (2015) Uptake of optional activities leads to improved performance in a biomedical sciences class. Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 15(6):48-62

Lim S-H, Brickman Y, Crossman T, Wilson C, Rayner G, 2013, 'Enhancing Student Preparedness and Understanding in First Year Biology Practicals in a Click'. Poster presented at VIBEnet (Vision and innovation in Biology education) conference, The University of Melbourne

Crossman T, Lim S-H, Rayner G, 2013, 'A First Year Biology PosterProject – the Poster Child for Promoting Teamwork, Research and Science Communication Skills'. Poster presented at VIBEnet (Vision and innovation in Biology education) conference, The University of Melbourne.

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