Lynch laboratory: Basic and clinical myology


Research Overview

photo of Professor Gordon Lynch
Professor Gordon Lynch

We are interested in the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle development and regeneration, muscle adaptation and plasticity, as well as the muscle wasting and weakness associated with ageing (sarcopenia), cancer, disuse and muscle diseases and conditions, including the muscular dystrophies and critical illness myopathy.

We are currently investigating skeletal muscle development and regeneration following injury and repair from single muscle stem cells, through to functional muscle fibres and whole muscles. We have a specific focus on stem cell self-renewal and how cellular metabolism may regulate the commitment of muscle stem cells to the myogenic lineage. We hope that a better understanding of these mechanisms will translate to improvements in autologous stem cell transplant therapies applicable to many muscle diseases and conditions.

Our studies on muscle adaptation and plasticity, wasting and weakness encompass investigations of the molecular pathways regulating muscle size and function with a translational approach from cell culture experiments complemented by different animal models as unique platforms for studying muscle wasting, adaptation and plasticity.

Our ultimate goal is to translate our fundamental biological discoveries to human patients through our extensive international collaborative network of geriatricians, critical care physicians, surgeons, neurologists, rheumatologists, anaesthetists, oncologists, endocrinologists, orthodontists, as well as biomedical and tissue engineers.


Dr James Ryall, Post Doctoral Fellow
Dr Kristy Swiderski, Post Doctoral Fellow
Dr Kate Murphy, Post Doctoral Fellow
Fiona Colarossi,Lab Manager
Megan Hepworth, Research Assistant
Jennifer Trieu, Research Assistant
Timur Naim , Research Assistant
Victoria Chhen, Research Assistant

Hai Ly, PhD Student
Savant Thakur, PhD Student
Grace Chou, Masters Student
Francesca Alves,  Honours Student

photo of Lynch lab group 2017
Lynch Lab Personnel 2017

Research Publications

See PUB MED for a full list of Gordon's publications.