Delbridge laboratory: Cardiac phenomics

Research Overview

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Lab group photo of the Cardiac Phenomics Laboratory on University grounds.

The Cardiac Phenomics Laboratory research is about understanding how the heart response to stress can be managed to minimize the damaging impacts of a variety of disease conditions. We investigate responses of the working 'pumping' heart, of specialized muscle tissues and cells from different regions of the heart and of molecular signaling processes. As our name suggests, we look at how the cardiac 'genome' (the genetically defined heart) is translated in different stressor situations to create the 'phenome' (the structurally and functionally defined heart).

Our pre-clinical work focuses on cardiac pathology arising from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and on the factors which determine how female and male hearts respond differently to stress and disease challenges. These areas of heart health are of critical significance in shaping the demographics of cardiovascular disease. We use experimental models to mimic human disease conditions, and we look for links between the performance of single muscle cells and the functioning heart. Our goals are to inform the development of new treatments for diabetic cardiomyopathy and to understand how for women and men, cardiac 'difference' may be managed with optimized therapeutic tools.


Professor Lea M Delbridge, Head of Laboratory

Dr Claire L Curl, Research Fellow

Dr Upasna Varma, Research Fellow

Dr AJA (Hanneke) Raaijmakers, Research Associate


Johannes Janssens, PhD Student

Kurt Hemphill, MBMedSci Student

Sarah Hayes, MBMedSci Student