Claire Weekley

Dr Claire Weekley is an NHMRC CJ Martin Fellow at the Bio21 Institute. She received her PhD in chemistry from The University of Adelaide, applying X-ray fluorescence microscopy and X-ray absorbance spectroscopy to study the fate of dietary selenium in cells and tissues. She then combined these techniques with traditional fluorescence microscopy to understand how different small molecule mimics of MnSOD are metabolised by cells.

At The University of Chicago her research turned to a small molecule inhibitor of the copper transport pathway in breast cancer, and the characterisation of bacterial lanthanide-binding proteins. Her current research is in the structural biology of metalloproteins with the aim of combining her experience in microscopy and spectroscopy with crystallography to study metals, metallodrugs and metalloproteins in biology from protein to whole cell level.

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  • Current Research Focus

    Metals and metalloproteins in biology

    Field of ResearchDescription
    60112Bioinorganic Chemistry
    30201Structural Biology (incl. Macromolecular Modelling)
  • Key Skills
    • protein biochemistry
    • crystallography
    • X-ray absorbance spectroscopy
    • X-ray fluorescence microscopy
  • Looking to collaborate?

    Someone with questions related to metals in biology at the protein, whole cell or tissue level.