Metabolism: Systems to Cells Symposium

Melbourne Brain Centre Kenneth Myer Building (144) The University of Melbourne 30 Royal Pde, Parkville Enter from Royal Pde entrance then turn right in foyer towards auditorium


School of Biomedical Sciences Research Committee presents


This symposium will showcase different aspects of metabolism research ongoing around Melbourne. The invited speakers will cover topics including human metabolic diseases, gut microbiome and immunity, metabolic reprogramming of cancer and immune cells, mitochondrial dysfunction, and trans-omics approaches to map the metabolic pathways of pathogens and mammals. The symposium will also feature several "How to measure metabolism" information sessions, highlighting the different technologies and platforms available at the University of Melbourne for measuring metabolism. This is a great opportunity to learn more about metabolism, how to measure it, and network with other researchers.

Registration is FREE for all research staff and students.

Morning tea and lunch are included.

For more details and to register, please click here.

Invited keynote speakers

 Dr. Kristin Brown
Cancer Metabolism Program,
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

A/Prof. Melinda CoughlanDepartment of Diabetes,
Monash University

 Dr. Darren Creek 
Drug Delivery Disposition & Dynamics,
Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
 Prof. Nicola Harris 
Department of Immunology & Pathology,
Monash University
 Prof. Nicole La Gruta 
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology,
Monash University
 Dr. Ben Parker 
Charles Perkins Centre,
The University of Sydney
 Prof. Matthew Watt 
Department of Physiology,
The University of Melbourne